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September 6, 1994

Patricio Rodriguez


Q. How are you feeling?


Q. Jaime said when he left he wasn't feeling well. The doctors said in the locker room that he looked fine.

PATRICIO RODRIGUEZ: Well, he wasn't feeling well, here. He started to get cramps in the stomach, so he was afraid, you know, it's not too nice to have cramps here and be lying on the floor here, so he would have come over afterwards, but he's really tired. If you guys want to talk to him more, he can come, he can come later, if he has time.

Q. Is he okay now?

PATRICIO RODRIGUEZ: He's all right. He's exhausted, of course, 7-5 in the fifth, it was a tough match.

Q. Do you think we can induce him to come back?

PATRICIO RODRIGUEZ: Well, I mean you can if can you wait because he's in the process of having massage and I can talk him into it.

Q. Assuming you could legally communicate with your client during the match, assuming you do it by hand signals, how would you have told him to exploit Pete Sampras's problems?

PATRICIO RODRIGUEZ: We talked about it before the match, and like Jaime said, he had to run around Pete a lot -- if you can, because it's not easy with his serve and with his big ground strokes it is not easy to do it. And he's Jaime is a baseline player and he's one of the few who can really do it. There was not much during the match and maybe when he was getting nervous to win the match, at the crucial moment, pass a few words there, I suppose, but he's still on the court, he's the one who is playing.

Q. Is this the best match you've ever seen Jaime play?

PATRICIO RODRIGUEZ: I think Jaime -- I have seen Jaime playing maybe -- better matches, I would say in Sidney, he played really well when he won the tournament, he beat Courier, Ivanisevic and Korda, so he must have been playing really well to do that. Today he played really well, but Pete, physically, I don't think was at his best.

Q. But it's different to win a tournament in Sidney than winning a match against the number one player in a Grand Slam?

PATRICIO RODRIGUEZ: Of course, the problem was here to beat Pete, like you say, and crucial moment you start thinking about it and that's one of the biggest problems you have this year playing a big name in a big tournament.

Q. When was that tournament in Sidney; was that this year?

PATRICIO RODRIGUEZ: No, that was last year, in October.

Q. Do you think he got too careful with Pete in the final set when he knew he was ill and not feeling well?

PATRICIO RODRIGUEZ: You have the tendency to do that. You start, like, watching your opponent instead of sometimes the ball and being a little bit tentative, just putting the ball on the court. Pete is -- I mean, of course, he was tired, but if he has the ball near him, he hits a great shot.

Q. Was that a perfect ball for him on match point?

PATRICIO RODRIGUEZ: That's-- for Jaime, that's a perfect ball for Jaime, serving coming into his backhand. That's the best for Jaime.

Q. How do you spell your name?


Q. Are you from Peru?


Q. You played on the tour; didn't you?


Q. When did you retire?

PATRICIO RODRIGUEZ: I retired a few years ago, about -- let me see, when I was -- 20 years ago. A long time-- but I've been in the circuit a lot with other players.

Q. What other players have you coached?

PATRICIO RODRIGUEZ: Well, I coached Jose Luis Clerc and Andres Gomez.

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