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September 11, 2003

Catrin Nilsmark


MARTIN PARK: Welcome, Catrin. Some interesting foursome pairings there. Can you give us your thoughts on your pairings.

CATRIN NILSMARK: Well, I think -- not to interesting to me. I feel quite good about them and they're quite natural for me, but I know that many have probably thought Annika and Carin would start off. I think it's important to find some new combinations. Carin Koch and Laura Davies I think are complementing each other absolutely tremendously. I think Laura feels very, very comfortable with a player that's quite solid. She feels very happy to play with a player that putts well, and I don't think there are barely any better putters on our team than Carin. I think I'm bringing the best out of those two players. And Carin really likes a bit of a good time on the golf course. So I think it's a good combination from that aspect as well. And the next pairing I think is quite natural. They both feel very comfortable with each other. In the past they've played really well together on many occasions. They're both really good match players. So I don't think there are any really big question marks there maybe. Annika and Suzann, an experienced player and a bit of a newcomer. I think they play a similar game. They're both really long hitters, and I think they're going to complement each other. Suzann is going to feel very excited and I think honored to play with Annika. And I think Annika can bring the best out in Suzann. Sophie and Liz played in a foursome today together and really got on really well with each other. Sophie is -- Liz is quite a steady player, a good all around player, but she's a rookie, and I think it was important for her to play with somebody who might be used to being in the rough, take a little bit of pressure off her that she doesn't have to be in the fairway every hole, because Sophie will probably be one of the girls on my team that will be an expert out of the rough and trees.

Q. Has it been a day of mixed emotions for you with the Solheim Cup and the news with Anna Lindh? It's been a day of mixed emotions for you I suspect?

CATRIN NILSMARK: Absolutely. It started off horrible. It's hard to imagine to even celebrate on a day like this. And the opening ceremony, it might not be as much of a celebration as many other occasions thankfully. So, yeah, it's been a tough day.

Q. Were there any late changes in your thinking in the pairings?

CATRIN NILSMARK: Any late changes? Well, it was never really -- it's been very open actually apart from a couple of combinations. I've had Carin and Laura for a long time. I probably had Janice and Catriona for a long time as well, and I probably finalized the last two groups today.

Q. What was your other option with Annika?

CATRIN NILSMARK: Well, many options, I think, in my mind. But it's not just about -- the hard thing, you probably all know this or we probably will remind you every day. It's not just the one set of matches, but it's actually looking a little bit ahead and making sure that it's a good whole schedule over the three days or over the first two days actually. So you have to keep that in mind when you do your pairings every time. And that's really the hardest thing.

Q. Did you make any changes after getting on the course today for the first time, you had your special power cart?

CATRIN NILSMARK: No. I reinforced a couple of my decisions.

Q. I was wondering did you get a lot of enjoyment coming up? Or was it so hard? Was it fun for you?

CATRIN NILSMARK: Fun. Absolutely. Bit of sweat, of course. A bit of hard thinking over the last few days and especially the last three or four days. But now when you get it out, it's fun definitely.

Q. Do you have any special memory of the Foreign Minister Anna Lindh? Do you have any special memories of the Foreign Minister Anna Lindh and what was your thought when you heard the news yesterday?

CATRIN NILSMARK: No, I don't have any personal memories related to Anna Lindh. But I am a mother and just knowing that she has two little children is devastating.

Q. Did Patricia tell you that she thought she could only play once a day, or have you made that decision?

CATRIN NILSMARK: Well, I think we both sort of agreed on it. I never really thought she was able to play more than 18 a day. And I think she was happy when I said that. And I think it's been her thought all along because she's had not the easiest of pregnancies so far. Right now she's feeling fantastic. So that's something that I knew all along really.

Q. And obviously if she plays fourballs she has to hit more shots. So you didn't have any thoughts fourballs against foursome?

CATRIN NILSMARK: No. I just thought it was important to know she was feeling great tomorrow morning. It was one of -- the first matches have to be out so early. So it really was just to make sure that she's feeling good tomorrow.

Q. Is this the strongest team that Europe has ever had do you think?

CATRIN NILSMARK: No. Because I'm not on it. No. I think -- it's hard to compare. We've had some fantastic teams in the past. I do think it's a strong team. I can't say that it's stronger than any other team, but it's very strong.

Q. How is your back?

CATRIN NILSMARK: It's a lot better today than yesterday. So I'm happy. This morning was really good. I was out on the golf course. I just typically thought that was really good so I yanked my leg over the edge of the bed at about 1:30 today. So I got a reminder to really take it very carefully even though I feel better. So it's been a little hard the last two hours, but I feel like it's going to get better again tonight.

Q. On a scale of 1 to 10 you're up to a 3?

CATRIN NILSMARK: Right now, yeah. Might be even a 4.

Q. What time are the alarms set for tomorrow?

CATRIN NILSMARK: Oh, I haven't worked that out yet. 5 maybe? Yeah, something.

Q. What do you think about the American pairings?

CATRIN NILSMARK: American pairings? I only heard them very briefly. I think they look very strong. A strong start and strong finish. It looks pretty good all along. Not too many surprises. She's taken the experiences players with the -- I shouldn't say newcomers because Kelly Robbins has been a part of the Solheim Cup for a very long time. I would say they look very good.

MARTIN PARK: Catrin, thank you very much.


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