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May 24, 2005

Ben Curtis


Q. Looking forward to the week ahead?

BEN CURTIS: Yes I am, although I haven't been playing that well over the past year or so, but things are starting to come round I feel and I am starting to hot a lot more quality shots and making a few putts so it is just a matter of scoring and getting the ball in the hole. But, yes, I look forward to this week, I like the course which is great condition and hopefully, if the weather co-operates with us it will be a good show for golf.

Q. Have you been working on anything specific to make those improvements?

BEN CURTIS: I have just got some bad habits in the golf swing and I couldn't hit a draw no matter how hard I tried. Everything was going right on me and the more left I aimed the further right it went! It's just been a big time struggle but it's coming round since I changed a few things a couple of weeks ago. It takes a bit of time to make these changes, but hopefully I can see the improvement this week.

Q. You were unlucky to miss the cut by one last year?

BEN CURTIS: A little. It was a tough week and I struggled with the putter but I still had my chance to stay in the tournament -- I just didn't make it.

Q. You seem to really enjoy playing in the UK?

BEN CURTIS: Yes, I do -- it's a lot of fun. Every time I come back here it is special for me. I like it over here, I like the way of life -- especially in London which is just a great city.

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