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September 17, 2003

John Daly


TODD BUDNICK: Thank you for stopping in. I know this is a very special tournament for you because of your relationship with Joe Hardy, the owner and CEO of 84 Lumber. Why don't you talk about that and how happy you are to have a tournament come here.

JOHN DALY: Well, it's more of a business relationship. It's turned into more of a family relationship now. Joe and Maggie, they know my father and my sister now. It's just -- to host a PGA TOUR event. On the 18th green up by the new clubhouse, it's going to be about 465 yards long next year. It's just fun to watch it grow, because I've been up here quite a bit. There's wonderful people and their sponsorship means a lot to me, for the Tour. We're such family now. They are just wonderful people. We have such a great time and they are wonderful people and that's what makes this special.

Joe, he gets it done quick. He built a mile road the other night -- inaudible -- a mile road -- (Laughter.).

TODD BUDNICK: Yesterday Commissioner Finchem was mentioning the clubhouse is going to be ready this time next year, which is an unbelievable feat. Talk about how much input you had into the course design, if any. I know it's a Pete Dye design but it sounded like Mr. Hardy helped in that relationship.

JOHN DALY: Yeah, the players tee off on the tee box on 15 , it's sloped like around -- and course suggested -- and it turned out to be a $600,000 project for Pete Dye.

I've played ten times this year -- can't hit it much better than I have been hitting it. I have made a lot of putts and I've been working real hard on 6-, 12-foot putts -- inaudible -- play golf, teaches out there, he's on staff, he does a great job, and -- and it's been wonderful. People can go there and -- to the ranch and garage opens up and wide-screen TVs and you can see -- talk about it , one of the many changes, I'm sure.

Q. Is this the first time you've been out here since the changes have been made?

JOHN DALY: No, I've been out -- I haven't been on it in the conditions it's in now. It's so good right now I haven't had a chance to play in tournament conditions. I have a little trouble because the greens aren't working as much -- biggest adjustment -- birdied three, it was about ten yards short. 11, with the tee box there, that green is going to be hard to reach.

Q. You can relate to what between Curtis did coming out of nowhere and winning a major, how did that change what happens in your life and just what you've seen or talked to him or heard?

JOHN DALY: Well, you know, it's amazing because it's all the opportunity -- if you want to travel overseas, if you want to -- of course the endorsements are incredible. But the thing is that I was not prepared for, hell I was just going to go everywhere. And I didn't prepare myself in that way where I think I burned myself out. A few years ago, I just burned myself out where I couldn't focus and concentrate on the game as much as I needed to and I about burned myself out -- hopefully they will take care of them.

Q. What are you hearing from other players about the golf course, particularly the players who have played it for the first time, their reaction?

JOHN DALY: The greens are a little severe. They are undulating pretty good, making it bounce to where you could actually see the ball rolling. Ultimately they will probably do that next year if you talk to Mr. Hardy. Other than that everything else is perfect.

TODD BUDNICK: Thank you very much for stopping in, John.

End of FastScripts.

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