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September 28, 2003

Sam Torrance

Daniel Torrance


SAM TORRANCE: It was incredible. Obviously being my son I feel pride and joy but what he did this week was incredible. For a 15 year old - I could never have gone out there and teed it up at 15. He was cool as a cucumber and played like God every day! He shot 73, 70, 68, 67. I mean, fantastic golf for anyone. Ten under par. Of course I knew his potential. This week proved a lot more to me. I always believed in him. This week he showed me it. He showed me in the past in flashes, but to do it under the spotlight this week. I give you an example, the 15th at Kingsbarns is a very very tough par three off the back tee. The pin was back right and I tried to knock it left and keep it out of the water and Daniel says please let me go for the pin and he fired a five iron 20 feet right of the pin. A fantastic shot. He has tremendous confidence and ability. He has all the aspects of the game and has a huge future ahead of him.

Q. Daniel, that's quite a buildup.

DANIEL TORRANCE: Playing with my dad was great and much as I respected him before it's doubled now, seeing how he does it and if I go on to win half as much as he has then I'll be happy. It's brilliant. The only thing I was disappointed with was starting on the tenth and finishing on the ninth. I wanted to come down the stretch with the crowds there.

Q. Sam, can you compare this with holing the winning putt in the Ryder Cup?

SAM TORRANCE: No, it's totally different.

Q. Daniel, what role has your grandfather played in your development?

DANIEL TORRANCE: Well, I wouldn't be sitting here without him. He's made my swing what it is. Hopefully it's good. I can't really see it.

Q. Sam, you've always been a believer of promising players turning pro immediately?

SAM TORRANCE: Yes, if you are good enough there is no point in hanging on in amateur golf. You can't beat experience. We have a tender situation with him wanting to turn pro. He is only just 15. He is a big lad but he's really just a baby and he has so much potential it's scary. On the ninth today I knew we would probably win it and I went with driver and went into the bunker stone dead. I wanted to tell him to hit a six iron and make four so he ripped a 3-wood right onto the middle of the green. That's the way he is - he's aggressive and he's good, very good. He was born on 4-8-88. He was also 4 pounds 8 ounces on that day.

End of FastScripts.

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