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March 11, 2005

Joey Graham

Ivan McFarlin

Eddie Sutton


THE MODERATOR: Questions for our student athletes. Both of you guys, were you worried about losing that ball game in the last five seconds.

JOEY GRAHAM: Of course we were. It was a tough game. It was a bomber at the end they came out, hit some big shots. We didn't play the kind of defense that we were known to play at the end. They came out hitting a lot of good shots on us.

IVAN MCFARLIN: Colorado is a great team. They really fought back hard, hit some big shots. Roby hit some big shots down the stretch. We was fortunate to enough to get out with that win. When Hall let go of the ball to shoot it, my heart was kind of pacing a little bit, but I was glad that he missed the shot. But we shouldn't have been in that situation in the first place. We had a lead by 12 at one point. Just let them get back in the game, so, it was a great game, but overall some things we need to work on. Got to get ready for Kansas.

Q. You seemed to come out with a lot of energy in the first half. You had 15 rebounds in the game. Did you take try to take it upon yourself coming off the loss of Texas try to get the guys going?

IVAN MCFARLIN: Last couple of games I haven't been rebounding well. Haven't been scoring well. I just wanted to come out and give my team some fire, just try to do everything I can to keep the ball alive. I got a technical in the first half, but I was just trying to get my team hyped and just trying to get motivation. I am just trying to do everything I can to win. We're trying to defend our title. I am just trying to do everything I can to give 100% on every play, just try to do the best I can.

Q. Talk about playing Kansas again?

JOEY GRAHAM: I think Kansas tomorrow is going to be another great game like we did in Lawrence. We're going to be ready for them tomorrow and I am pretty sure they are going to be ready for it.

Q. You get a win and yet it comes down to where you almost lost. Is this team still pressing or not quite clicking? What did you see out of this victory?

COACH EDDIE SUTTON: I think Colorado played well. Hit some big shots. We got a little passive I think when we had the 9-, 10-point lead and they went down, but the biggest thing was the defense. You score 81 points or whatever we had, what did we score? 87. Got to win in double figures. This team is not very good defensively. Unless they can get better. I thought we would be better tonight because we spent three days really hard working on defense but our guards couldn't contain penetration and our big guys didn't step off and help like they need to and then we also allowed the ball to go inside too easily. That whole thing was defense. We scored enough points. Colorado, you got to give them credit, they hit some big shots.

Q. You talk about the last five seconds, missing the free throw then the three-pointer?

COACH EDDIE SUTTON: We always debated about whether you have a three-point lead less than 10 seconds to go and foul. I am not sure that's not the way to go, especially when you play someone that's got a couple of players like Osborn and Roby who really have great range. Then we fought over the missed shot and walked with the ball. But I thought John really defended well there when they threw it in. That's one thing we did well there at the end.

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