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May 19, 2004

Craig Conroy


CRAIG CONROY: That's what we have been preparing for all year. But the one thing that hasn't changed is the way we're coming to prepare for the game and our work ethic. We know we don't have as much skill as a lot of teams, and we know we got to block the shots, got to get five guys back and back-check harder. We got to do those little things that win games. And we feel like if we do that, with Miikka back there, we're going to have a chance every night.
Q. Did you ever see Darryl Sittler play hockey from the faceoff? He would just shoot it up and take the pass himself. And you did what Darryl Sittler always did.
CRAIG CONROY: Well, I can't say I saw him do it, but I saw an opportunity and just said, you know, I looked over at Gelly and I said, they're kind of lined up weird. Their guys are all over the place and if I can get by a look, I might be able to give him a chance. So right before we dropped the puck, I said, go forward, go forward. I'm going to go forward and Iggy is going to stay back and it worked to perfection and he buried it and I couldn't have been happier to see it go in:
Q. You had two assists, Jarome Iginla got a goal again, but again this team effort. Chris Clark, that breakaway. Chris Clark beating an icing call.
CRAIG CONROY: Well, it's a team effort. That's the way it's got to be. It's 20 guys in this room. A lot of focus is on me and Jarome Iginla, but without Yeller and Clark and Kobasew and Lowry, this team is not going to do it. It's a 20-man effort every night. And the guys that aren't in the lineup, they're right behind us. That's what's nice, there's no pouting that you're not in the lineup up and they're right there, they're probably the ones cheering us on the most.

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