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May 17, 2004

Craig Conroy

Jarome Iginla

Marcus Nilsson


CRAIG CONROY: I thought they were taking chances and trying to score some goals and we just kind of hung on. But overall it was a good road game for us. Now he got to find a way to do it at home.
Q. Were you surprised that Kyle McLaren --
CRAIG CONROY: Which one?
Q. Your goal?
CRAIG CONROY: I saw him and I thought this is going to be great. I knew I was going to get to the puck first. So when I got it. He committed all over and I think he made the right decision and I got lucky.
Q. Your line really came through tonight. Did you feel a little more responsible tonight?
CRAIG CONROY: They're a tough line to play. And we said we had to do better from last game. So we got to try to do more and we're going to try to create things and I thought Gely was unbelievable. You can't catch him when he's feeling good like that.
Q. (Inaudible.)
CRAIG CONROY: They outworked us in ours. I don't know if we outworked them, but we started off quick. We wanted a quick start. We haven't been able to get anything going early the last two games prior early and we felt that especially with these two teams you got to score first. Just put yourself in a great position and that was our game plan going in, to get the first one. The second one was a bonus and the third just put it out of reach. And they battled the rest of the way, but Kipper did a great job. One hit the crossbar and he saved it and then one went between his legs and he fell down on it. So we got some good breaks and we made some good breaks for ourselves.
Q. What would it feel like to get to the Stanley Cup finals?
CRAIG CONROY: We got to win the next one. It feels good right now. But we haven't played well at home and we got to do it. We don't want to come back. We want to finish it off and they want to push it to come back here. So it's going to be the toughest game of probably any game we have ever played up to this point.
Q. (Inaudible)?
CRAIG CONROY: No, no, the fans have been great. I think we just got to come and play like we do in here, not try to do anything fancy. Just come work hard and that's the secret. Sometimes you get so excited that they're excited too, it's loud, it was loud in here tonight. We know what it feels like. They probably felt a little pressure coming back that now they probably feel like the pressure is back on us. We have to prove to them we can do it.
Q. A lot of people had you guys down and out. Nothing left in the tank. When do you think you'll get some respect on this team?
CRAIG CONROY: It's been that way. I remember in the Vancouver series when it went 1-0 it was over and then it was 2-2 and we had a great series. And we just believe we got to play the games. That's why they have a 7 game series and we feel like we're going to earn respect and keep going and keep doing everything that we do. If we do that, then that's the only way. You have to earn it and we haven't obviously earned it yet. So hopefully we can start earning some the next game and then move on.
Q. Why is the visiting team winning all those games?
CRAIG CONROY: You put a lot of pressure on yourself in front of your home fans. You want to go out there and do well and the bottom line is the visiting team always score on first couple goals and it puts a lot of extra pressure on them and us too. We feel like we want to be better at home all the time and we talk about it and you get so revved up and then we don't get anything done in that first period and they're able to get some. So we got to change that trend for next game.
Q. (Inaudible.)
MARCUS NILSON: I thought we played good tonight. Especially with the puck not throwing it away and making good passes. That's the way you got to play if you want to be successful.
Q. (Inaudible.)
MARCUS NILSON: I don't know about that. I think we just, every game is the one you want to win. We need to focus on the next game.
Q. You guys looked like you played with desperation and lots of energy out there tonight. Is that the feeling tonight?
MARCUS NILSON: That's the feeling coming in every game. You got to play hard to be successful and we were able to get some early goals and that was the difference in the game, I think.
Q. (Inaudible.)
JAROME IGINLA: It feels great to see their line going for the puck.
Q. Do you find it strange that you're winning so many games on the road. You're supposed to do well at home and it's just not working so far.
JAROME IGINLA: It's definitely different. I can't put my finger on it. I don't think anybody can. It's something that I know we love playing at home, the Sharks are tough in their place. It just hasn't gone that way. But it's kind of fun too. You never know going into each game. And now we got to find a way to win at home and just a way to get that next one. That's it. It's going to be great to be back in front of our fans but it's more about our preparation and finding away.
Q. The way it's gone so far might you want to yield and play Game 6 here?
JAROME IGINLA: No, no, we like playing in Calgary. Our fans have been awesome. The noise, all the red shirts, it's great. And we would love to go home and play our best game in front of them in the series.
Q. (Inaudible)?
JAROME IGINLA: I felt right from the drop of the puck that my legs were moving better, our legs were moving better. Before we got our first two goals we had some scoring chances. We were pressing and we were pushing. And it was line after line just kind of we found that intensity that we needed early and we were able to get a couple bounces for sure, got some breaks. And it was a big boost to get up early like that. Especially when we have had a tough time the previous two games. So it was the start.
Q. You shut them out in the first period this entire series.
JAROME IGINLA: That sounds good, but it's tough. They're a very good team and our first period, they have had great second periods. The second periods have been their periods. But it's something that all the stuff from now is gone. It's one more game for us that we got to win and we know that they will be more desperate and more hungry than ever and we got to find a way to match it. Because I don't know how you say it, with the desperation, but at home you got to find a way to change it.

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