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May 11, 2004

Craig Conroy

Jarome Iginla


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Jarome Iginla.
Q. Second game, importance of the fast start.
JAROME IGINLA: That was very important. The last time we had an opportunity to go up one nothing (inaudible). Tonight, what a first shift by Nieminen, Nilson and Donovan. Huge chip by Ville right before the goal. To go down and get that, that's a big boost for our club. We all fed off that. That was probably the biggest play of the game.
Q. Is it one thing to have a fast start and another thing to take advantage of another team's slow start? Are those two different things?
JAROME IGINLA: Yeah, I think so. I mean, they were ready. They got their feet under them after that. But it's tough when you get up a goal in the first shift. It's a big boost for the other club. That's a big momentum. That gets everybody on our bench fired up. I think because of that we had a pretty good start and we were able to get up a couple there.
Q. You controlled the game in a lot of ways, even after they got their goal. You took a lot of momentum away from them. You never had the thought they were going to come back and mount a big challenge?
JAROME IGINLA: I thought, you know, it was a pretty solid effort. But it was a close game, right up until, you know, Ville got that 3-1 goal, which was so huge. But, I mean, can't say enough about that line. They've been going for us all year, all playoffs. Tonight they were everywhere.
THE MODERATOR: Questions for Craig Conroy.
Q. Not let down on home ice, continue this momentum?
CRAIG CONROY: Exactly. You watch the Philly-Toronto series. It ended up being 2-2. We feel like this is an opportunity for us. We have to keep moving forward. We'd love to get that 3-0 lead back at home, then just put yourself in the best-case scenario possible.
Q. Could you ever have imagined coming in here and taking two games like this?
CRAIG CONROY: Well, the way our success rate in here, hasn't been that high, but coming here to do it, got some very good breaks at the beginning. Donovan made a great puck on the breakaway. Ricochet goal. Very exciting for us. Good breaks, 2-0, you come here hoping you're going to win two. Now we can head home on a good deal.
Q. The Nilson line, talk about that.
CRAIG CONROY: They were awesome. What can you say? They came right out, set the tone. It's almost like they scored the first shift. They started feeling it right away.
Those guys, they just get on a roll. To see them get goals was awesome. They do everything to finish checks, they did everything it took to win out there. Tonight they were awesome.

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