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May 19, 2005

Paula Creamer


MODERATOR: Paula Creamer is in the interview room, 2 under par, 69. Nice round today.

Let's start off with your score card. Birdie at No. 3.

PAULA CREAMER: Par 5. I hit 3 wood off the tee. I made about a I laid up, made about a 5 footer for birdie, 9 iron.

MODERATOR: Numbers yards, how far did you have to lay up?


MODERATOR: 9 iron from there?

PAULA CREAMER: Yeah, I had 9 iron, 120. Hit it to five feet.

MODERATOR: Bogey on 4.

PAULA CREAMER: 3 putted. 3 rescue into it. It was long. I had about a five footer I missed. Tried to make that.

MODERATOR: How far was your first putt?

PAULA CREAMER: 25 feet. Oh, no, probably about 35 feet. It was on the very back.

MODERATOR: Birdie on 5.

PAULA CREAMER: I went driver I hit a hard 9 iron, I was in between club. I hit it to about three feet.

MODERATOR: Birdies on 8 and 9.

PAULA CREAMER: 8, I went 3 rescue, then I had about I had 88 yards and I hit it to about twelve feet, I made it.

9, I went driver, 90 yards, I hit a little wedge and to about six feet.

MODERATOR: Did you hit wedge on 8 too?

PAULA CREAMER: No, I hit 54 degree.

MODERATOR: Bogey at 11, 12, and 13.

PAULA CREAMER: 11, I hit it in the fairway bunker on the left. I had to lay up. I missed about a 12 footer for par on that hole.

12, I hit it left in the rough. I had a good lie and I didn't get up and down, missed about a 4 footer above the hole.

13, missed the green didn't get up and down. I hit a terrible chip there.

MODERATOR: Birdie on 14.

PAULA CREAMER: I went 3 wood, 9 iron to about twelve feet.

MODERATOR: A rare birdie at the 16th.

PAULA CREAMER: I got it below the hole which is good on that hole. I went 7 iron to about, I think, 15 feet, made it.

MODERATOR: 2 under par, tied for one of the best rounds in the morning play. Talk a little bit about your general thoughts after the round.

PAULA CREAMER: I had a lot of chances out there to make birdies. I took myself out of every par 5 there was. I couldn't go for any of them. I hit into the rough every single one of them. And I had a string there 11, 12, 13 I just, I don't know, I was kind of in the middle of the round getting tired, lots of things were happening, made four birdies on the front nine kind of thing. I fought through it at the end but I missed last hole I couldn't get up and down from 25 yards off the green. And I had a 40 footer coming in on the back. It was an up and down day. I am hitting the ball well so I am doing good for the next couple of days.

Q. (Question: Do you feel that you could win out here)?

PAULA CREAMER: I do think that I am capable of winning out here; hopefully this week. It is just when you are feeling good and other players are playing good as well, it's right now I am feel very comfortable and I am getting along with Lance. First time working with each other. I feel I am able to win out here.

Q. Following up, the experience last year ShopRite when you were in contention, how much did that sort of prepare you for being in contention on a Sunday?

PAULA CREAMER: Oh, it's experience just knowing that you are there and you have done it before. I mean, I didn't pull it off, but I was in that frame of mind of winning that event and now it's just consistency, just knowing that if it comes down to the wire, the last hole, I can perform.

Q. You made those birdies early; then those three bogeys in a row. Can you really lose a round there at that point and how important was that birdie on 14 to kind of get you back in the frame a little bit?

PAULA CREAMER: On the par 3 Lance told me and I told we talked about it, I was like, I have a lot of golf yet, we can't win the tournament today. You can kind of take yourself out of it, but you are not going to win it. He said, yeah, just make a good putt and we have five holes leftand I finished strange; made birdie on the next hole, I was feeling pretty good about that. It was a point in my mind where I am thinking you just did all this work out there and now you are just giving it away kind of thing.

Q. How much do you feel you are still learning about the courses that you play out here because you are young and playing against a lot of veterans? How much is there a learning curve on every course you are playing out here?

PAULA CREAMER: Huge. I have never seen half the golf courses I haven't seen any of the golf courses except six of them that I have played. That takes a lot of time. I have to play a lot of practice rounds. It's not really fair I always have to rest up in different ways and the other players are more prepared because they have played the events in competition as well. That's what is going to happen. I can't do anything about it. Just go out and play well. Almost better sometimes if you don't see it as much for myself, if you see a golf course so many times you know where all the trouble is and you just see it once you can hit it down the fairway kind of thing.

Q. You probably answered this on Tuesday. What is the deal with your graduation now? When you go back what day is it?

PAULA CREAMER: I go back after this event. It's in Florida. It's on Thursday morning at 11 o'clock (laughs), and yep, my graduation, Wednesday night we have a senior banquet kind of thing. Pretty exciting and see all my friends and go back for that. Bradenton Pendleton School.

Q. Do classes end when?

PAULA CREAMER: For me I ended in January. I ended first semester, so I could do this right now.

Q. When you are out here winning a tournament on the pro Tour and you are going back to a little senior night (inaudible)

PAULA CREAMER: It's what I am used to. I wouldn't know any different, but I am just playing golf and next thing is graduation and then graduation is over. Then it is ShopRite next for me.

Q. After graduation just going to go

PAULA CREAMER: After graduation I am playing five events in a row. Then I will take a week off and hopefully Colin is back in time but if not, my caddie, he will pick up after that.

Q. Where are you right now and how important is it to qualify for Match Play, have you thought about that?

PAULA CREAMER: My plan is to play in the Match Play event if things go all as planned. I still have to get into like Evian and the British Open .

Q. You go back home, do you have a lot of your friends asking you what it's like out here? Some of them probably haven't started any jobs yet.

PAULA CREAMER: Yeah, there's a lot of golfers out there that I talk to at the academy. There's younger girls who always come up to me and ask me about how is life on Tour. I always tell them the same thing, it's perfect for me, maybe not for other people at this age, but right now I am having a blast and I am just kind of cruising along and waiting like I said, waiting for that one week to get some momentum.

Q. You obviously like your position at 2 under right now, kind of on the rail...

PAULA CREAMER: I mean, I wish it was lower and better, but I mean, right now for the first day, it's not too bad. I am sure there will be some low numbers coming in later on this afternoon. We have three more days left, so....

Q. Have you given any thought to how fun it would be to go back to Florida and after finishing strong here for your graduation?

PAULA CREAMER: It entered my mind several times to come back as top whatever, win it or even top 3, Top 5, it would be a good finish and it would be a good week off (laughs).

MODERATOR: Thanks a lot, Paula. Good luck the rest of the week.


End of FastScripts.

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