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May 9, 2004

Craig Conroy

Jarome Iginla

Chris Simon


JAROME IGINLA: I played against a variety of guys. I saw Hannan a lot. They mixed and matched our game.
But Conny was sure flying. He walked out just before that goal, a couple shifts before that, made a move out of the hash marks. I was on the bench. Thought he was going to finish it with his third goal.
It was a tough effort. It's tough having a lead, they come back, trying to get back some of that momentum when you have a 3-2. A lot of ups and downs.
Q. Do you think they're focusing so much on you, they give Connie some room to play out there?
JAROME IGINLA: I don't know. I don't know if that's the case. I think he was just really going, you know. When he scores a goal, he was feeling it. That's quite a goal. He seemed to be making moves. His feet were going.
I think regardless, I think he was going great tonight.
CHRIS SIMON: Could have been up three or four, some of the saves he's made. He's done that all year. We had a lot of guys passing shots, getting into those tough areas to get goals. Our defense got back, scored a huge goal for us tonight. We need contributions from everybody. It's good to see a guy like Monty chip in. He usually doesn't get much opportunity on offense. He's worked his ass off all year. He's in great shape. Hasn't played that much.
I was kind of wondering why he wasn't playing because I've known playing against him, he's a real competitor, he's got great hands. I'm really glad for him that he worked his butt off and stayed in great shape, stayed positive, got his chance. Sometimes that's all you need is a chance in there. Shows what he can do, passes the puck really well.
CRAIG CONROY: It's been a long year. I would have loved to have gotten the hat trick for the winner.
Q. (Inaudible)?
CRAIG CONROY: You know, it's very tough. I mean, those guys are very tough to play against. It's not like it's an easy game for everybody. He's your superstar. They're going to do whatever it takes to shut him down. He's fighting for every inch and they're trying to take every inch on him. It's not going to be easy.
We know if we just keep going, keep going, he always comes out. Felt like he was getting more opportunities in third and fourth, in the overtime.
Eventually it will come. It didn't come right away in the second series against Detroit. But he'll get it going. Huge assist. Monty banging his stick on the ice, thought he was going to break it (laughter). It's like, "What's going on?" I looked back, he was just whacking away.

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