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May 8, 2004

Craig Conroy

Martin Gelinas

Jarome Iginla

Miikka Kiprusoff


Q. Why every time we go to southern states, Martin, do you wear a turtle neck?
MARTIN GELINAS: I don't know (laughter).
CRAIG CONROY: He's a funny guy (smiling).
Q. Martin, are you really the mayor?
MARTIN GELINAS: No, no, not at all.
Q. Are there any similarities with this team where it is now, when you were with Edmonton, Vancouver, Carolina, at this point?
MARTIN GELINAS: It's a little different for the reason that we got so many guys, their first experience to the playoff. I think we got a good mix of veteran and younger guys. Our young guys are really excited about being here. As an older guy, it's exciting to see that.
You know, any run in the playoff, it kind of snowballs from one game to another where you gain confidence, so on. So there's something that is a similarity there. But beside that, that's a little different.
Q. When you go into the Conference Finals, you probably don't realize at that point you're halfway there, you don't realize that you're going to get there, I guess?
MARTIN GELINAS: Well, you take it a game at a time. Our goal at the beginning of the season was to make the playoff. Once we got to the playoff, everybody was on the same pace to work hard. We didn't know what to expect one game to another. We got better and better with confidence. We could see it coming our way. We got some breaks. Here we are now.
Q. For all three of you guys, what has Calgary been like since getting to this point?
CRAIG CONROY: Long road for this guy (referring to Jarome Iginla).
JAROME IGINLA: It's been awesome. It's been growing, as far as excitement. I think this year, the city and the crowd seemed I think all the year to be more confident and sensed that we were really going to make the playoffs this year. So all year the excitement has been building.
But, you know, since we've been in the playoffs, it's been nuts. I mean, I was talking to some guys who have been in some situations, as Gely, other guys, who have won, been on some great teams, had some good runs. A lot of the guys say this is obviously the best I've seen, but it's a huge hockey city, for sure.
CRAIG CONROY: I think, you know, you look at other places you've been, I can't believe how crazy it's become in Calgary. Everywhere you go, everywhere you turn, it's all about hockey, and it's all about us right now. That's different than others. In St. Louis, they have the Rams, they have the Cardinals. There's a big group that, hey, you know what... Some people, there's hockey fans, but there's baseball fans.
In Calgary, it's all hockey right now. I mean, from my kids going to school, that's all they can talk about. They got Flames Day. They got things going on. It becomes almost bigger than life. That's what makes it fun for us. You get to the Saddledome, it's so loud. They're out there well before the game, having fun. They're enjoying it.
I think they deserve it, though. A lot of people say, "Maybe they weren't loud." But those fans have been there. We were out of the playoffs the last year, the year before that, the year before that, I'd still look. You know, there's 17,000 fans. I mean, it was very surprising. If we were in a lot of different markets, they wouldn't be there.
Q. Any nervousness? This is not just a one game in the middle of the year. Don't look nervous at all.
MIIKKA KIPRUSOFF: Yeah, I don't think it's difference who we play. I don't care if I been playing here earlier.
It's being to be huge game anyway. So I'm a little bit nervous.
Q. Were you thinking about Warren Strelow during this time? Common ground for everybody.
MIIKKA KIPRUSOFF: I haven't talked with him in long time. It's good for him. He's been doing good job. Now we have couple goalies in the Conference Finals.
Q. What is your last memory of being a Sharks?
MIIKKA KIPRUSOFF: I was in the press box watching the game (smiling).
Q. Martin, what is it about your overtime goals? Do you do anything different?
MARTIN GELINAS: No, I just drove the net. Like I said earlier, I've been playing with Iggy and Conny, been throwing a lot of pucks on that. My game hasn't changed. I go to the net.
I just been lucky, the rebounds kind of came on my stick. I'm pretty fortunate to be surrounded by good people and be at the right place at the right time.
Q. Have you done anything with those pucks? Do you have them? Do you throw them in a bag until after it's all over?
MARTIN GELINAS: It happens so fast, you score, you don't think about getting the puck at all. Pretty fortunate last game, Peter Hanlon got a puck for me and put it aside. That was a pretty nice touch.
Q. Where is it?
MARTIN GELINAS: I'm not sure. Where is it?
THE MODERATOR: It's in my office (smiling).

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