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June 3, 2004

Dave Andreychuk

Jassen Cullimore

Chris Dingman


Q. Dave, obviously a very emotional loss. Very well in that third period, came back to tie this one up. Just didn't happen.
DAVE ANDREYCHUK: Well, I mean, obviously they kept playing very hard. It is a close game. That's the way the Playoffs are, there's a bounce here or there, end up losing the game. We talked after the game that we're not dead yet. We have won in that building before; that's what we're focused on right now, just trying to get that Game 6.
Q. First period, it was a difficult period for you.
DAVE ANDREYCHUK: We knew we had to play a lot better. They took the play to us. I think we did some things that -- we turned the puck over a little bit more than we did in the game before and didn't get the puck deep. That didn't -- you have got to give them credit, they came out very hard in that first period. But after that was all said and done we were tied, we knew we just had to put that behind us. From that point on he makes a good shot on their goal, we keep battling. That's just the way it goes.
Q. You had opportunities in the third and in the overtime.
DAVE ANDREYCHUK: We did. I think both team had some chances. Obviously Nik made some good saves to give us a chance to win. Their goaltender made a couple of big saves for them. But you know, just comes down to a bounce here or there. It's two good teams and we're going to have to go in their building and hopefully we'll get a bounce.
Q. Anybody talk about winning two in a row going there and winning and coming back and winning the series?
DAVE ANDREYCHUK: We didn't talk about two at all. We talked about Game 6. That's what we have got to be concerned about, going up in their building and stay focused on what we have got to do. Like I said, this team has a lot of character in this room, and we're going to bounce back.
Q. Nikolai Khabibulin and his performance tonight. First period he seemed to be carrying the team...
DAVE ANDREYCHUK: He made some unbelievable saves. He gave us a chance to tie that game up. Gave us a chance to try to win it in overtime. If Nik doesn't make a lot of those saves, you know, we're done, we're done a lot earlier, so we're going to need him again. Like I said this isn't over.
Q. First 40 minutes... --
CHRIS DINGMAN: I think they played a solid game. I think at times we got too fancy and I think everything they had, I think was a result we turned the puck over and got too fancy. When we decided to put it in deep and forecheck we created some good opportunities, and you know, obviously that last goal was a bit of a miscue, didn't have all our guys out there. It's unfortunate we had to lose.
Q. How devastating is it? You battled back --
CHRIS DINGMAN: It's disheartening. We have got to look at it, we have got to go win one game. We know if we play the game we feel we can play, play smart, and don't turn the puck over and keep our shifts short, we feel we can win. So we're going there with the mindset of winning one game. If it takes more than -- more than that, it takes more than that, but we are going there to play 60 minutes.
Q. 35 was spectacular again for you guys. Probably wouldn't have been that close...
CHRIS DINGMAN: Obviously he made some huge saves. Obviously their shots was almost 2 to 1, I think, at one point. Kipper, he made some big saves too. We had some opportunity there in the third and in overtime, but that's the way it goes, both goaltenders played great. Obviously unfortunate that last goal.
Q. Not a lot of teams have come from 3-2 down in the Finals. You were a part of one. What can you draw from that experience?
CHRIS DINGMAN: I think when we did it, we went in with the mindset we were going into New Jersey, we said to ourselves we're going to give it all we can, got nothing to save it for and we're going to win and we ended up winning that game. You win one game and the momentum swings back in your favor. Obviously it is a do-or-die situation, the season is on the line. You don't expect anything less than 100% from all our guys.
Q. What happened at the end, it was free-throwing into overtime, breakdown at the end, so Saprykin can score...
CHRIS DINGMAN: I didn't see what happened. I think guys got caught. I just looked, there were three guys out on the ice. I just tried to hop out and go in and obviously Nilson made the pass across and Iginla faked a shot; then went around and got the shot. I think just the rebound. So it was unfortunate to lose a game that way because I thought we battled hard and came back and did the things we needed to do, so obviously it's pretty disheartening.
Q. They were asking you to do things differently tonight that perhaps you had done before, far more involved, offensively; Marty was skating with you a great deal of the time tonight. You had opportunities yourself.
CHRIS DINGMAN: Yeah, that was the difference, I had a 2 on 1 I didn't score on. I had another break; didn't score on. That's the difference in the game, I think given the ice time, I am trying to get the most of it. Obviously I didn't get the job done. I had a couple of opportunities. Those are the differences. You have those opportunities, you
don't bear down and score; that's the difference in the game right there.
Q. (Inaudible)?
JASSEN CULLIMORE: Just determination, I guess, just too bad we can't put it together for two games in a row, you know, it's heartbreaking when you lose a game in overtime like this so close, it's one shot away from winning, and you know, the tables would be turned the other way. So it's tough to take.
Q. Seemed like there was a lot of momentum swings tonight going back and forth.
JASSEN CULLIMORE: Yeah, I mean, that's when you find the momentum goes one way, then it goes the other; then what happens you sustain pressure on the team in their end and it comes back right away and they score. Didn't necessarily happen that way tonight, but you know, I felt we were playing well in the overtime and getting some chances and you know, the outcome just didn't go our way.
Q. He wasn't happy with the way this team played tonight; is that your assessment?
JASSEN CULLIMORE: Definitely the first period was probably one of our worst periods in the Playoffs. We can't do that. This is the Finals, every game counts now. Now we are down. If we lose one game we're out. The guys got to realize that and we have got to play with a little more desperation.
Q. Talk about the effort of Khabibulin.
JASSEN CULLIMORE: If it wasn't for him we would have been out the game in the first period. He really made some key saves for us, and you know, it would have been nice to get the win for him.
Q. First period was the worst period you guys have played you say, then why did it take after the second to make adjustments?
JASSEN CULLIMORE: I don't know if it was necessarily any adjustments needed to be made. It was just once we got to, we were almost there, we were almost getting things done and now is not the time for almost, now is the time for getting it done.

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