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June 12, 2005

Paula Creamer


Q. All right. We've got Paula Creamer here in the interview room, 5 under par 67, 6 under par for the tournament. Let's go over your scorecard first.

(Scorecard done.)

Q. You're in third place. Just talk a little bit about your thoughts now after playing so well today to finish strong.

PAULA CREAMER: I hit every green, I hit 18 greens, I his missed two fairways. I played pretty solid all day long. I gave myself plenty of opportunities to go really low. I know for sure I left two shots out there. I missed two 5 footers for birdie. Other than that, all I thought about was Solheim Cup, and to get the points to make that team, you have to do well in the Majors.

Q. Did the golf course play any more difficult the last two days than the first two?

PAULA CREAMER: Yes, I think so. The fairways have gotten a lot firmer. The greens are not holding as well. I noticed, myself, in the last four holes long all the time. That was things just getting so much drier, and the wind is picking up.

Q. Did you meet with Nancy recently? Did she have a dinner?

PAULA CREAMER: She called last night to wish me luck for tomorrow. It was very nice and very motivating, if anything.

Q. What did you tell her?

PAULA CREAMER: That I was going to try to go as low as I could. She said she watched yesterday and I had a lot of putts that I missed. She just said they'll fall in. Some of them did today. That was nice.

Q. What made you have the success you did on today rather than Thursday, Friday and Saturday?

PAULA CREAMER: Right, you know, today I tried to stay patient. I had a goal in mind that I wanted to get to 5 under. That was my goal, and I was just very motivated to go low, and especially when Nancy called. That kind of motivated me even more to prove to her that I can play well in the Majors and I'm good enough to play on the Solheim Cup team, a lot of things pushed me to try to play well myself.

Q. Did you see Michelle's name up there at all or did you even look at the leaderboard?

PAULA CREAMER: I did. I'm a leaderboard kind of girl. I'm trying not to do it as much, but it's at the top so you can't miss it.

Q. Paula, what's it like playing in tournaments with Annika when she's playing this well and has a 5 shot lead going into the final day?

PAULA CREAMER: It just shows how good she is, and without a doubt, the number one player, and, you know, it just it amazes me how much I need to improve my game to be going into a tournament like this and having a 5 shot lead with this incredible field. This is the best of the best.

Q. That was Nancy calling him too. You go into your first Major at Nabisco, and you know they're hard to win. When Annika has won by 8 and by fill in the blank, does it make the Women's Open any harder than it already is?

PAULA CREAMER: Yes and no, but it's another tournament. It's different. You never know. The golf course could not set up well for her. It could set up well for other players. Hopefully, it sets up well for me. I mean, whenever Annika is in the field, you know she's going to put the pressure on everybody, and you know she's going to play well.

Q. Just curious, how could a golf course not set up well for her?

PAULA CREAMER: I don't know. You never know. There's certain holes

Q. Do you know what I mean? Do you know Cherry Hills at all?

PAULA CREAMER: I have not. I know some players say it's tough, long, and that's good, so it sets up well for Annika, since she's long, but still, you never know.

Q. Do you think she has a chance she wants to win the Grand Slam. Do you think that's in the cards? What would you say the probability of that is?

PAULA CREAMER: Hopefully I can have something to do with that, but I'm sure that's what she wants to do. You know, it's going to be tough. I mean, that's going to be a good golf course from what I've heard, and a lot of players trying to knock her off her pedestal right now.

Q. Anything else? All right. Thanks a lot, Paula, congratulations.


End of FastScripts.

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