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March 10, 2006

Jared Elario

Rick Magnante


THE MODERATOR: We'll get started here.
MANAGER RICK MAGNENTE: Did we win? What are you guys doing here? You should be on the other side.
THE MODERATOR: We have manager Rick Magnante and pitcher Jared Elario. Questions?
Q. Rick you guys didn't come out of this with a victory, but could you talk about what the experience was like, and maybe what baseball in South Africa gained out of this?
MANAGER RICK MAGNENTE: Well, it was just a thrill and privilege to be here for myself and my staff. And part of the WBC for myself the staff, South African Baseball Union and, of course, the players. I don't know that I can put it into words exactly, but it's a lifetime experience. Something these boys will treasure forever.
Although we didn't win, and the scoreboard tells the true story, fellows like him came in at 17 years old and shut down the USA for an inning. I don't think you can describe how important that is and how -- the baseball legacy will hopefully provide for this baseball country as it moves forward and tries to grow the game.
Q. Jared, was this -- did this rein somewhere between intimidating or exciting, or can you describe what it was like?
JARED ELARIO: Yeah. I was kind of nervous when I woke up this morning, but I knew we were going to play the world's best. This is a like a dream come true to me, but I had no choice but to play well.
Q. Jared, do you have any interest in playing professional baseball in the United States? And if so, do you think that your outing today might have impressed some scouts?
JARED ELARIO: Obviously I would like to play professional, but I hope some scouts come my way.
Q. Rick, you have a bunch of teenagers on your team some of whom played today. How did you prepare them to play against the team like the United States?
MANAGER RICK MAGNENTE: Well, you have to understand one thing about European and African baseball. For the most part, they're always playing outside their European, African, or world venue.
And to travel, certainly it's new. It's not new for them to travel. Certainly, it's new for them to play a team of this caliber. And all we tried to do was do the little things like they -- the lessons that are taught in Hoosiers and Miracle. Just let them know that once the game begins, they do have a chance and to play the very best game they can and be prepared. And whatever the results are, if they can look back and know they gave it their most, then that's all they can ask of themselves.
Q. Jack, Jared, what does the name Roger Clemens mean to you, and what does it mean to you to have pitched in the same game as he did?
JARED ELARIO: Well, first of all, he's my hero and to see him pitch (inaudible.) I hope to see it again, but it's a good experience.
Q. Jared, what's your favorite memory that you will take away from this round?
Q. The favorite memory you'll take away from this round of play.
JARED ELARIO: When I threw against Canada striking out Jason Bay.
Q. So will this affect the spread of baseball within your country?
JARED ELARIO: A lot of people watch baseball, but a few more people will get involved. Baseball is an amateur sport in our country, but I'm sure we can improve and hopefully we can get good quality coaches, and I'm sure we'll be fine.
THE MODERATOR: Last question. Right here.
Q. Both Jared and Rick, are you glad that there is a mercy rule or would you have wanted to play nine innings no matter what the score became?
JARED ELARIO: Well, in my heart, I didn't give up (inaudible.) Roger Clemens threw a good game. I would go for that. I would. If I could go for nine innings, I would have.
MANAGER RICK MAGNENTE: I'll have to temper that a little bit. You aim to play nine. The beauty of baseball is that there is no clock. That's what makes it such a special game, which always allows you to have a chance right up until the very end. Stranger things have happened.
We were down against other clubs, and we came back and made it close. I wouldn't want it to be a demoralizing experience for the boys either because young men's egos are fragile. But given an opportunity to allow all the players to participate today, that would have been my goal. And I think that could have been better achieved had we played nine innings.
Q. Had you elected to keep playing, is that within your right?
MANAGER RICK MAGNENTE: No. The rules are set and that's exactly how it is. We couldn't alter the rules. Thank you very much. We had a great time.

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