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March 7, 2006

Paul Bell

Paul Magnante


THE MODERATOR: Manager Rick Magnante, second baseman Paul Bell. Ready for questions. You guys just speak right into the microphone. Thank you.
Q. Rick, could you just talk about the effort that your guys put forth tonight? It was pretty incredible.
COACH PAUL MAGNANTE: I couldn't be more proud of the effort, that's for sure. The kids came to play. We close the book on the Cinderella story. We had one objective: That was to come out and win. We tried our best to do that tonight. We put ourselves in a position to win.
We extended their bullpen. I think that was great for our kids, and we never stopped. We were just playing hard all the way. We got down; we came back. We got down; we came back. It was a tremendous effort.
Q. Paul, maybe you can describe the feeling when you actually lost the lead in the 9th.
PAUL BELL: I did not stab in the back. I just told him -- we chatted on the mound -- especially with he's young, but he's got that intelligence. He can close it up and just throw, so it's tough it was tough. I couldn't explain, no matter if you playing T-Ball game or Big League game. I didn't throw well.
Q. Coach, what's going through your mind before, during, and after Paul's at-bat in the 8th inning when you took that lead back?
PAUL BELL: Some elation, that's for sure. We gained the lead and we took one lead in the 9th inning. We couldn't have put ourselves in a better position certainly, you know.
We extended some of our pitchers tonight, but we felt that we needed to. And I was just hoping that he would find a way to win the ball game.
Q. Paul, I mean how will this result be greeted in South Africa? What will be the impact of this back home? How will it be covered? You know, what will people say about it?
PAUL BELL: Well, I know the baseball fraternity back home, a lot of people we know were watching at home. It was televised at 4:00 this morning. I know a lot of people watching the game, and I can imagine that their feelings of joy for what we did in the game, because it was good for us. We're leading 8-7 in the top of the 9th inning. No one expected us to be a big -- so, you know, I still wish we didn't lost the game, but I was hoping we win for me and for the people back at home.
Big for us, really big for us, so I don't know. They thought we could've done it. We didn't do it, so it's tough.
Q. Rick, can you talk about the pitching? There was a lot of wild pitches by your staff. Did you -- I mean, I don't think you expected it, but can you talk about how much that might have surprised you, or if it did?
COACH RICK MAGNANTE: Well, that's a scenario that we certainly have to address on this team is ability to throw strikes, stay ahead in the count, and not allow runners to advance when we have the ball in our hand. We didn't do that tonight, but that has been somewhat of an Achilles' heel throughout my team. With this team that's something we have to work out and get better at in order to win games like this.

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