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August 27, 2005

Paula Creamer


PAUL ROVNAK: Paula, thanks for coming in and joining us. Not the round you wanted, but you still shot 66 and you're still winning this tournament. You're going to have a great shot at winning your third tournament tomorrow. Talk about the opportunity.

PAULA CREAMER: I played good all day. It's awful to make a bogey on such relatively easy holes, especially one with a 3 putt. It's not going to taste as good as it would if that didn't happen. Tomorrow is a new day, a lot golf left and hopefully I can keep playing the way I've been playing.

Q. What happened on those two holes?

PAULA CREAMER: 17, I went long and then I hit not a very good chip. I landed it too far and I had about a 15, 12 footer, and I missed that one. The last hole, I hit I had a 3 putt. I was down the ridge. I hit a good putt to about four, four and a half feet and missed it.

I think I was just very the whole day just took so long out there, either we were behind or we were waiting. It was never a consistent, flowing round, so I think that definitely got to me a little after a couple of holes.

Q. Paula, what do you think it's going to take to win tomorrow? What score do you think a 63 today by Laura Davies, how low do you think you need to get to win?

PAULA CREAMER: I know I'll have to go low because there are so many people trying to win this event. It's tough to say with the pins. They're pretty difficult. I'm going to have to shoot several under again.

Q. When you went 8 under for the day after birdieing 16, did you start thinking about how well your round was going at that point?

PAULA CREAMER: No, I just tried to keep the momentum going. I was getting tired. It was getting to be a long day and we had to wait on 17. All these things were happening. Like I said, it was never flowing. To tell you the truth, I didn't hit the ball as well as I have been. I hit my driver the worst I have all week. I still was in the fairways. But I'll work on a couple of things for not very long afterwards.

Q. When Cristie was in here, the subject of all these developing rivalries came up. I asked her about the rivalry for best American and she said she wasn't real happy about getting passed on the money list, but that you might want to get her back for the Shop Rite last year. Talk a little bit about what you two have going on or might have going on just back and forth golf wise as competitors?

PAULA CREAMER: Cristie and I?

PAUL ROVNAK: Are you talking about for best American?

Q. Whether that's another thing that's important to be recognized as, the best American.

PAULA CREAMER: To be recognized as the best American is a huge thing. I can only take care of myself. I can't take care of what she does. But if I keep playing the way that I've been playing lately, we'll see at the end of the year. That's a big goal of mine, to be the top American at the end of the year.

Q. With the win, you can clinch Rookie of the Year even though you have a wide margin anyway. Does it mean anything to you that you can make it official?

PAULA CREAMER: Rookie of the Year was part of goal. Obviously Solheim Cup was the main goal. And if I did that, then that took care of so many things I wanted to accomplish this year, and that was one of them, Rookie of the Year.

Q. Are you a leaderboard watcher? Were you aware of how well it was going for you after the birdie on 16?

PAULA CREAMER: I'm aware of it. A lot of the score boards were broken, so I just kept on going. I didn't really know what was happening out there. I knew if I kept giving myself chances and stayed patient I would be fine. The first time I saw it was when we were leaving the 14th green.

Q. (No microphone.)

PAULA CREAMER: No, I didn't hear anything. She hears everything. I didn't hear anything. She's been out here for a while so she knows.

Q. (No microphone.)

PAULA CREAMER: The crowds are very nice. We had a few more people yesterday, but hopefully tomorrow I like to play with the gallery. I think I play my best when that happens. Everybody has been supportive of what shots you hit. Everybody knows golf so they know 30 feet is maybe not so good from 100 yards.

Q. Is it more difficult when you're in a tournament where everybody has played very well, when everybody is 15 under, 16 under, going into the last round? They're already probably in a birdie mode, then they know they've got to go low to catch you. Is it even more difficult to hang on to a lead because you've got so many people firing at pins?

PAULA CREAMER: Definitely. One shot lead is really nothing out here. You can go so low on this golf course. It all depends on the weather, as well. I guess it's supposed to be nice tomorrow, but pin placements, everything, it depends on that. You're going to have to make a lot of birdies tomorrow, but you can't be too aggressive.

Q. Do you find tournaments like this, where the scores are so low, more enjoyable than tournaments where a couple under wins?

PAULA CREAMER: This is a tough golf course, but I like tree lined golf courses, golf courses you have to think on and it doesn't bring as many people into the field. I like U.S. Open style golf courses.

PAUL ROVNAK: Take us over your score card.

PAULA CREAMER: Birdie at 1. I had 115 yards and I hit pitching wedge to six feet.

No. 2, I had 110 yards. I hit pitching wedge to like a foot.

No. 3, I had 119, 120 yards and I hit a low 9 to 20 feet.

Birdie at No. 5. I had 110 yards and I think I hit a three quarter pitching wedge to about seven feet.

No. 7, birdie, I had 135 yards no, 140 yards and I hit a three quarter 7 about 15 feet.

No. 11, I had 80 yards to about six feet, 54 degree wedge.

No. 12, I had 65 yards. I hit a little 58 degree wedge to about 10 feet.

And then 16, I had 140 yards and I hit a three quarter 7 to about 5 feet.

And then 17, bogey. I had 131 yards, and I'm really in between clubs on that hole, and I hit a little 8 iron over the green and had a 15 footer.

And 18, I 165 yards and I hit a three quarter 5 iron, and I three putted.

PAUL ROVNAK: Do you know how far the first putt was on 18, or about?

PAULA CREAMER: 40 feet, 50 feet probably, 60 feet. It was a couple of yards. I wasn't pin high. I was short of pin high.

Q. (No microphone.)

PAULA CREAMER: I was short and left.

Q. What aspect of your ball striking today was

PAULA CREAMER: My driver. My distance control wasn't as good as it has been the last couple of days with my irons.

PAUL ROVNAK: Thanks Paula.

End of FastScripts.

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