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October 26, 2004

Manny Ramirez


Q. How do you feel about the situation in the beginning of the season when the Boston Red Sox wanted to trade Manny and now you're very near to being champion of the World Series with this team?

MANNY RAMIREZ: I don't know, but I just left everything in God's hands and I said, "well, if they want to trade me, I'll go any place that they want me to go, I'm just going to go out and try to do my job, and if they want me to come back to Boston, I'll go, and try to do my job," and I wasn't mad or nothing. Because sometimes God puts you in a place for a reason.

Q. You had a big first inning, can you talk about both the home run and the defensive play. If one felt any better than the other. You scored a run, and took away a run.

MANNY RAMIREZ: I'm just trying to relax at the plate, just trying to get a good pitch to hit and I got it and I just went deep. When I was in the outfield I set my mind to go home, so that's what I did.

Q. Do you think that because your team is so good offensively and you're so good offensively and Dave (Ortiz) that you guys don't get enough credit for being as well rounded a team as you are? You guys put on a fundamental show tonight and that hasn't been the case always in the series.

MANNY RAMIREZ: I've got a lot of confidence in my team out there, in my teammates and I know they've got a lot of confidence when I'm in the field and when I'm at the plate. We're trying to go have fun, and as long as you go out there and play hard that's what matters.

Q. Yesterday you talked about how much you expected Pedro (Martinez) to rise to the occasion, he did. Basically your play and the play at third base that Ortiz made helped him along. Can you comment on it at all?

MANNY RAMIREZ: Pedro is the man out there. We've got a lot of confidence in him. And we know he's the best pitcher in the league, and we know he can do everything out there, and today he gave us a chance to win and we did.

Q. Talk about your team being up 3-0 now here in St. Louis.

MANNY RAMIREZ: It is big, but we learned our lesson against the Yankees. We lost the first three games, and especially against the Cardinals, they've got such a great team that anything can happen out there. You've got to keep grinding it out until you win the game.

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