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October 12, 2004

Hideki Matsui


Q. There's obviously a very rich post-season history here, and specifically within the last few years, of guys coming up in big spots and making big hits, guys like Jeter, guys like Posada, guys like Bernie Williams; how do you think about yourself as being a person that joins those kind of guys?

HIDEKI MATSUI: I'm very happy. I appreciate the fact that everybody considers me in that way. Today that all led to today's Victory, so I'm just very happy.

Q. Could you tell us a little bit about the Ortiz hit and what happened out there?

HIDEKI MATSUI: Yeah, basically when the ball was hit, the ball actually started coming back towards left field, so, I actually overran it, and as a result, it hit the heel of my glove.

Q. You had another record tonight to add to the records that you've created so far in your short career in American baseball: You tied the RBI record for the American League Championship Series, and I was wondering how you felt about doing that.

HIDEKI MATSUI: I mean, it's nice to be able to tie a record like that. But, you know, there's nothing like winning, and you know winning the game is more important. But it's nice to be able to tie a record like that.

Q. In your second post-season with the Yankees, is there a different comfort level that you are feeling right now; as far as your comfort level, are you more relaxed, comfortable, confident?

HIDEKI MATSUI: Yeah, I don't think it necessarily has changed much from last year. I mean, having experienced the post-season last year may contribute to the comfort level. But as far as the way I look at it, I don't feel any different like it was last year.

Q. I was just hoping you could just take us through that hit in the third inning, just what your approach was, what you were looking for and the results?

HIDEKI MATSUI: No, it's basically just waiting for a fastball. It was actually a cutter that I hit, but it kind of hung in the strike zone, so I was able to put the barrel on the ball and fortunately get one through the infield.

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