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October 10, 2003

Doug Glanville

Randall Simon


Q. You know how tough the Florida Marlins are in close games here, you saw it in the Giants series. They seem to get in extra innings and win. How tough was it to get through that, come through and win, and do you feel like you really stole one here?

RANDALL SIMON: One thing we know is that we have a great staff of pitchers, of relievers, and they've been doing an awesome job for us. We know that if we go later in the game, we have a chance regardless of the situation. And like Dusty said, Joe came through for us. He pitched longer than he ever has before. And knowing that always, as long as they keep us in the game, we always have a chance with the top of the lineup that we've got. And he came through for us. And he got a big hit for us to win the game.

Q. In the 8th inning, knowing they only had one left-hander in the bullpen, did you think you would see him or were you surprised they stuck with Fox?

RANDALL SIMON: Every time when I go to the plate, I don't care who's pitching. I go to the plate and my plan is to drive. I know that the only thing I had to do is try to look for a good pitch for me to drive. And knowing that if I get a fly ball or it's going to tie the game, that was my plan.

Q. I think you had one at-bat in the postseason coming into tonight. How difficult is to come up on that situation, and given your history against Looper, what were you trying to accomplish?

DOUG GLANVILLE: Everybody recognizes it's not an easy job to come off the bench cold and try to do your thing. But you learn how to work that crowd and learn how to stay prepared. I fortunately had a lot of experience with Looper with the Phillies, and certainly had a significant amount to know what kind of stuff he had. My goal was just to make contact, really. If I can get in the gap just like what happened, Lofton can take care of the rest. So it certainly was a good feeling.

Q. Doug, two-part question. Number one, were you aware that Kenny was going on that, and two, can we safely say this is the biggest hit of your Major League career at that point?

DOUG GLANVILLE: I recognize it was emotional, but I was locked in on Looper. I was trying to see the release point. But I knew once I hit the ball and recognized he was on second base, I knew he was going to score pretty easily if it got by him. In terms of the biggest hit, I'd say yes. I've had some key hits, but I have had no postseason experience. So it's a great thrill to contribute at this point.

Q. Doug, we talked about the idea that with Kenny on base you were probably going to see fastballs. You're an excellent fastball hitter, and part of Dusty's thinking of leaving you in there rather than putting a left-hander in, you, with your philosophy of probably seeing a fastball?

DOUG GLANVILLE: Looper generally works off his fastball, a slider and a sinker. So my focus was just getting the head out. I didn't think we had a whole lot of people on the bench, so if he wasn't deep in the game, we were probably pretty

thin. All of us on the bench have been in situations where we were starters before. We've been able to hit against righties, lefties, and had some success. So I don't think it's so risky to leave a righty in that situation, especially when you have a lot of starting experience.

Q. I know it's a seven-game series, but how significant was it to get this win, get the home team advantage back?

DOUG GLANVILLE: I guess we'll have to find out. First game of the series on the road, it's a great thing for momentum. We know we'll take the series at the worst back to Chicago. I think it's big, and now we feel good about our chances, certainly.

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