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September 10, 2005

Paula Creamer

Juli Inkster


JULI INKSTER: I was mad at myself on number 13 for not making that putt. Once that momentum slips a little bit you can go all the way. Fortunately for me, Paula hit a great shot on number 15, the par 5, and we were able to get one back there.

Q. What was going through your mind on 16?

PAULA CREAMER: Like I said earlier, I wasn't hitting my irons really well down the stretch, and Juli gave me some pointers out there, and I felt comfortable. We needed that shot. We wanted to close it out there. I had a good shot.

Q. Your first experience of Solheim Cup. How has the experience matched up to expectation?

PAULA CREAMER: It's unbelievable. What's better than having two Hall of Famers, both people you've looked up to, and to win a point and to be on the score and looking at us, I think we're doing really well, and I'm really excited.

Q. Juli, you were Rookie of the Year before she was born.

JULI INKSTER: Thank you. I know, but we complement each other.

PAULA CREAMER: That's right.

JULI INKSTER: It was a great shot in there. Paula had a great drive, and we were slipping a little bit there, and we had to get some momentum back. Paula had again I hit a good drive here, and Paula hit a great iron in, and we were fortunate to make the putt.

Q. What did she have?

JULI INKSTER: I'm not sure what she hit in.

Q. Could there have been a better chip than you did on 10?

JULI INKSTER: It was a great chip, and I know she was kicking herself because she missed the green, and, you know the thing with that, you're trying to pick your partner up. I wasn't trying to make it. I was trying to get it down there and hopefully get the halve because they just won number 9, and you just want to keep the momentum going.

Q. Closing the deal was a problem yesterday. Birdie birdie finish is

JULI INKSTER: That's key, and we want to keep we're doing better than we've ever done, so we've got to go out there this afternoon and keep the pressure on.

Q. (Inaudible.)

PAULA CREAMER: We had a great shot up there, and it gave us the opportunity to carry the momentum.

Q. Paula, talk about how big a lift this is for your team.

PAULA CREAMER: You know, it was a good week so far, and it's good to see all red on the board.

End of FastScripts.

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