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October 3, 2003

Marcus Giles


THE MODERATOR: We'll take questions for Marcus Giles.

Q. How are you feeling, and obviously you're playing tonight?

MARCUS GILES: I'm feeling pretty good. I think tonight is going to be more about keeping it warm. We have plenty things to keep it warm right now. It's not going to be about stretching it; it's going to be a matter if I take another blow on that spot. As far as running, that should be okay.

Q. You're going against Mark Prior for the first time since you ran into him. Is there anything going to be on your mind other than just winning the ballgame?

MARCUS GILES: I think that's it. I think he struck me out and then he knocked me out shortly after that. That's all in the past. It's just a freak accident at the time, and now we're both healthy, and both trying to win a ballgame.

Q. You guys both performed extremely well after that collision. Any rhyme or reason or was it just happenstance?

MARCUS GILES: Just coincidence. For me at the time I had the collision I wasn't playing too good at all. I was towards the end of the slump, but in a deep slump. So, I think it was about time for it to turn around hopefully, but I don't know for him. He may be needed the rest on that shoulder. He obviously did real well coming back.

Q. Coming back from the injury and being cold tonight, if Mark is running from first to second, are you going to try to steer clear of him?

MARCUS GILES: I'm just going to play the game the same as I do every day. If that play comes again, I'll still try going out for the ball and hopefully I don't get hit by him.

Q. Is Greg Maddux's game preparation on the day he's pitching any different than the other days?

MARCUS GILES: Not really. He's a pretty outgoing guy. He's pretty fun. He likes to laugh, and all the way up until really maybe an hour before the game, something like that, he's still himself like he is the other four days. He's just fun. That's the best thing about our clubhouse. We're all a lot of fun. We like to have fun and crack jokes on each other.

Q. What kind of atmosphere do you expected in the ballpark tonight?

MARCUS GILES: Excite one. It's probably going to be the loudest crowd I have ever been around I think. The other night in Atlanta it was pretty loud, but I think the Cubs fans are pretty hungry here, I think. It should be pretty exciting. I'm looking forward of it.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Marcus.

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