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October 8, 2002

Alferdo Griffin

Ramon Ortiz


THE MODERATOR: Ramon Ortiz is here. First question, please.

Q. Ramon, Mike said you may have been too pumped up when you pitched last week. What did you learn from your outing last week that you need to do better tomorrow?

RAMON ORTIZ: I don't know nothing, you know. I'm pitch the game. I'm feel fine, you know. I forget this game. This game going, I think of my next game tomorrow.

Q. How come Bobby's (Ramos)not here today? Did you throw him out because he wasn't good luck for you?

RAMON ORTIZ: No (laughing).

Q. Do you think you were too pumped up last game? Did you pitch your normal game and it just wasn't your day, or do you think the importance of that game had anything to do with it? Have you been able to learn from that experience?

RAMON ORTIZ: I don't know, you know. Some time, you have a day like that. I don't feel bad about that game. But my team keeping me up. They win the game. But I'm very happy for that.

Q. I wanted to ask you, were you going to change anything in your approach that you want to improve on from your last outing, mechanic-wise, delivery, anything like that?

RAMON ORTIZ: No, I don't change anything, you know. I pitch in my game. I don't change anything. I pitch the same as I pitch in the season. I throw every pitch - my fastball, my slider, my changeup, my sinker, every pitch. I use every pitch in the game, same in the season.

Q. The Twins have a lot of left-handed hitters. What concerns you the most about their line-up?

RAMON ORTIZ: Nothing, you know. I had to make my pitch. I had to throw the pitch, good fastball inside, good fastball away. Make the pitch. I don't think too much on the left-handed. I think too much in my concentration in the game.

Q. What is your main weapon for getting lefties out? Do you use your changeup, or is it your slider you like to throw?

RAMON ORTIZ: For the left-handed?

Q. Yes.

RAMON ORTIZ: Yeah, I can use everything for the lefties, every pitch. I can use my slider, my changeup, my fastball, everything. I got good sinker and good fastball for the left-handed, too. And good changeups.

Q. Was there any particular pitch that did not work for you as well against the Yankees that you're trying to brush up on for tomorrow?

RAMON ORTIZ: No, I'm feel fine, you know? I'm feel fine. So, what happens sometimes. Sometimes you do well. Sometimes you have bad day, like, you know. The Yankees are a good team, a lot of very good hitting. You have to pitch to that team. So, what happens... Some day you do good, some day it's not my day. But my team keep me up. They won the game. I'm very happy. I look like I win the game. I'm not pitching too good, but I'm happy.

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