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August 25, 1997

Kristie Boogert


VERONIQUE MARCHAL: Questions for Kristie.

Q. It seemed like Seles was having trouble getting that first service in. Does that throw you off when you're expecting it to come on the first serve?


Q. No, her serve. Seemed like very often she was missing most of her first serves.

KRISTIE BOOGERT: I don't know how she usually serves. I've never played against her. Especially in the end of the match, she started to miss more first serves, even a few double-faults. I don't know, maybe she was getting nervous. I don't know. But I think in general she has very good serves, makes good angles. I don't know. I don't know the reason for it.

Q. Going into tonight, obviously you were a heavy underdog. What was your feeling going in? You were facing Monica Seles. You were kind after long shot. What's going through your mind?

KRISTIE BOOGERT: Fortunately I had about five days to think about it. When I first saw the draw, I wasn't really happy. For two days I was kind of disappointed. But then I started thinking, well, at least make the best of it. It's going to be a great match. I knew it was going to be on stadium. I didn't know it was going to be a night match, which there's more people coming because of the ceremony. Before the match, the whole day I was pretty relaxed, pretty okay. Just before the match, when all these things came, so many seconds and so many minutes you have to walk on, then I started to get nervous a little bit of the as soon as I was warming up, I felt pretty good and pretty loose on the court.

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