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October 31, 2001

Tino Martinez


Q. You've never seen Kim in person, and yet, hitting the first pitch; can you talk about that, please?

TINO MARTINEZ: Yes, I came in in the eighth inning into the clubhouse to watch him face the hitters that he hit before me, and I just saw a fastball, slider, so I went up there in that situation and was looking for a fastball, something over the middle of the plate I could just try to drive out, just try to take a big hack at it and I got ahold of it.

Q. You've had so many great moments here, can you imagine not being part of this atmosphere next year and how have you blocked out the uncertainty of your future?

TINO MARTINEZ: Basically, I'm just thinking about Game 5. That's my focus, and coming into this post-season, you know, we have a chance to win our fifth World Series, so I don't want to overlook that and look ahead. Right now I'm just enjoying the moment, trying to find a way to get us our fifth championship, and go from there.

Q. You've been cold numbers-wise in the post-season; any reason to think you would have a good at-bat there?

TINO MARTINEZ: I felt good at the plate there and the first game in Arizona and I hit the ball hard yesterday. I felt comfortable, and I didn't want to change anything. I know I had not gotten any hits but I didn't want to start looking to make adjustments when I felt like I was right on, so I just relaxed until I could get pitches to hit.

Q. When Schilling left the game and Kim came in, was there the feeling that somebody would get it done and it didn't matter who?

TINO MARTINEZ: After he mowed the guys down in the eighth inning, we thought, "oh, boy, he's got some great stuff." But once we got a man on in the ninth there, you walk a guy, thinking what could happen at that moment, that's what our thought process was and fortunately I got up there and got a good pitch to hit and hit it.

Q. Can you see any difference in Schilling from the seventh inning; not as effective or not as sharp?

TINO MARTINEZ: No. I thought he had great stuff. He was throwing the ball hard the whole night, and I thought that he was just as sharp as he was in Game 1, three days' rest or not. He had great stuff tonight and we knew we had our work cut out for us.

Q. I know you said you were feeling good at the plate but can you reflect and say how big this first hit was, on a game to potentially put your team in a good situation in the series?

TINO MARTINEZ: It felt great. Obviously, you know I had struggled in post-season in the past and I tried to press and make up for it and this time I just have been taking one at bat at a time and feeling pretty good and just trying to let things happen and not force things. I just felt confident in that at-bat, and to get a hit, obviously, it boosts the team, hopefully gets myself going and the rest of our offense.

Q. I think you said on TV that you were trying to hit the ball out, you were looking for a pitch you could hit out; just go through that?

TINO MARTINEZ: I just thought the first two strikes, just trying to get something up in the zone, something I could turn on and just take a good, strong hack at it. I just waited back and saw the ball very well. It was right down the middle, I took a good swing and made great contact.

Q. How often do you do that?

TINO MARTINEZ: Once in awhile, once in awhile in certain situations. You know, you just try to reach back and maybe cheat a little bit, try to turn on the ball and take advantage of right field.

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