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October 30, 2001

Curt Schilling


Q. On three days' rest, what's your history pitching on three days' rest?

CURT SCHILLING: Don't have one. Never done it before in the big leagues.

Q. Would you have been disappointed if Brenly didn't have you start tomorrow?

CURT SCHILLING: I went to him today and told him that I had prepared the last two days and today as if I was pitching tomorrow and that I wanted the ball if that would help him make his decision.

Q. Are you aware of the support right now going on in Philadelphia, the way Boston supported Ray Bourque in the Stanley Cup?

CURT SCHILLING: No, I'm not. I'm focused here right now.

Q. How much are you looking forward to this? How much do you want to pitch in Game 4?

CURT SCHILLING: I guess as much as you want to pitch. This is the World Series. I just thought that the way I felt after the other day and the way I felt over the last three days, the possibility that if I pitched tomorrow and if this could go seven games that I would be available in Game 7. I didn't want to short-change us as a team, if I felt good enough to take the ball. I feel good enough taking the ball; I feel real good.

Q. When did you find out for certain that you were pitching and what does it mean to prepare over these last three days to prepare for a short rest start?

CURT SCHILLING: I had a pretty good idea when I saw Miguel warm up in the pen that I was getting the ball tomorrow. I talked to Bob before the game and I pretty much knew I was going to have the ball tomorrow. You guys are the ones that are going to make the big deal out of the three days' rest. It does not matter to me the way I feel right now, whether it is three or four days. I know they are good and these guys are going to show up tomorrow trying to tie this series and playing the way they played today and we'll have our work cut out for us.

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