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October 6, 1998

Charisse Strawberry


Q. How is Darryl feeling right now; how are his spirits?

CHARISSE STRAWBERRY: He is feeling upbeat. His spirits, they are upbeat. Is he a little weak, sore and hungry. But otherwise, he looks real good -- looks real good.

Q. Can you give us an idea of what the last few days of public support has meant to you and him?

CHARISSE STRAWBERRY: It has meant more than I can even say in words. And I think even though Darryl is not here, his heart and his spirit is here. And he is just so grateful and we are so flattered and overwhelmed by all of the support. It amazes me. But it is great. And we are very, very thankful for it.

Q. Is Darryl planning on watching the game tonight and has he had any comments and thoughts about what has been going on?

CHARISSE STRAWBERRY: Yes. He is watching the game. He wants to make sure that the guys "go and get 'em" as he would say. And he is just, you know, I think disappointed and sad that he is not there, but he wants them to win.

Q. Has he been talking to Eric Davis on a somewhat regular basis since this story broke?

CHARISSE STRAWBERRY: We have talked back and forth. I have talked with his wife a couple of times on some things on what to expect before and after the surgery. They have talked, but not so much on a regular basis. Darryl has not been really taking phone calls and trying to relax and rest because you don't -- when you have visitors and things like that, you get really tired real quickly, so he needs to really kind of rest to keep his strength up so he can recover.

Q. Are you going to go back to the hospital and watch the game with him or are you going to stay here and sort of be his representative?

CHARISSE STRAWBERRY: I am going to stay here for a little while, and then I am going to go back to the hospital.

Q. It is kind of hard to answer, I know. For those of us who won't know, can you give us a general idea of how he has changed from the time you have known him?

CHARISSE STRAWBERRY: Darryl, he is a good person. He has a good heart. He is -- I think he has matured in a lot of areas. I think like he has said many times in any of his trials and tribulations he has only hurt himself usually, you know, in that kind of area. But I think he has definitely matured and you know, I really don't think it is -- has anything to do with the cancer, but that is all I can really say about that.

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