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September 11, 2005

Paula Creamer


CREAMER: I hope so. I hope that was what was going on. I played good golf and went out and tried to win.

Q. Did you try to get off to an early start and get things going right away?

PAULA CREAMER: I tried. That was one of my main things was to get off on an early start and try to put up a number first.

Q. Paula, could you have imagined a year ago, going into your senior year in high school, standing here winning the Solheim Cup?

PAULA CREAMER: My dreams and expectations of myself are very high, but I guess not then, but, you know, it was a big goal of my mine to get on this team and play well and win.

Q. Was the key yesterday the foursomes, you guys had lost 3 1 on Friday to turn it around yesterday?

PAULA CREAMER: I think so. I know I played well, and we got some points there. Everybody just fought through and we worked hard at it, and we got it back.

Q. Paula, what do you think you will take from this? What will you remember the most?

PAULA CREAMER: I will remember everything about it, down to walking up the fairway, to even when we first arrived that afternoon on Sunday. It's been such a week. I won't forget it.

Q. You had the best of both worlds. You had a great day playing golf and you got to watch a lot of golf as well?

PAULA CREAMER: Yes, I did. It was great to be able to cheer on my team and to be able to, you know, have a win going into it was even better.

Q. Had you surprised at how you did personally today?

PAULA CREAMER: I played good golf, but I know how to play good with Laura, and she is such an experienced player and a class act really, and to play good off the start was good.

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