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October 8, 1998

Quilvio Veras


Q. How do you explain your success this in series so far?

QUILVIO VERAS: Getting to the base is the most important thing. I know something is going to happen.

Q. You're going back to San Diego, 2 games to 0. Is there any sense of surprise, but if somebody would have told you at the beginning that you were going back with a two game to 0 lead, would you have been surprised with that?

QUILVIO VERAS: There's no surprise. We played so hard, we coming here to try to win the game, it's most important for everybody. Everybody play together right now, we were looking to win the game, no matter how.

Q. Can you talk about what you're trying to accomplish when you were up against Glavine?

QUILVIO VERAS: Every time we face a pitcher like Glavine, we know he's going to get the ball away, and we tried to stay with the ball most times we can.

Q. What did Kevin's pitching look like from second base, from your perspective?

QUILVIO VERAS: I don't really got time to see him. He looked very good for me, and probably one of the best pitchers we have.

Q. You went from an organization that hadn't been winning a lot to the Padres that have been winning a lot. What's the differences in a winning organization?

QUILVIO VERAS: Every time you play with a winning team, you have more concentration. You give it the best you can, every time you go to the field.

Q. Obviously you guys are up 2-0 now. Going home, you're in command to get to the World Series. What would it mean for you guys to reach that goal?

QUILVIO VERAS: Everybody plays to make it to the World Series. Two games don't mean nothing, after we win the four games, now we're talking about we know we're going to the World Series.

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