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July 8, 1995

Wade Redden


He is an honest guy. He is real up front and I am looking forward. He is a good guy. I guess the players really like to play for him.

I have a good working relationship with him.

Well, a little fear, I guess, but I have been there once and it is not so bad, so I think I will be able to adapt.

Well, that is a tough call to make right now. I guess we will have to see what happens in training camp, but just come to camp in top shape and take it from there. That is all I can really do.

The colors are really different too. Really nice.

My parents are pretty excited all week, so I think it is a bit of relief for them too. Kind of feeling the same way as me, so they are really happy and looking forward to it.

Yeah, for sure. Playing back there with the Blazers, it doesn't take long to come here two years in Brandon and things have really -- I have really developed and improved and stuff; hopefully things can happen more.

I guess when you are drafted this high; got a lot of plans for you, so, hopefully, I can make them happy, I guess.

The players like playing for him. He ia a demanding coach, but he likes to have fun too, so I am looking forward to it.

Bryan, there, I guess you know somebody right off the bat. That is going to be good. I played with him last year and I think he is going to be ready to step in next year too, so I will see what happens in my situation.

For sure. Everyone has really the opportunity going into camp and you know, anything can happen, so you got to be playing your best for sure.

Yeah, I am going to go into camp try to make the team, for sure, and if things don't work out, that will be all right too. I am going to go there wanting to play next year.

I think I would be a little disappointed for sure. It is only natural to be rejected, but you know, you can't really worry about it too much here. Young enough to, you know, go back next year and give it another shot.

Well, what can you say? It is a little different. I am sure the people like them too.

I think the unders have a little party. They put something together. We will head to that and see what happens after.

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