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April 18, 2002

Greg Norman


GREG NORMAN: I didn't make too many mistakes out there. I think I only missed two greens. One of the greens -- both greens I missed I made the bogey. So it was a very, very good round. Good, consistent round, at least similar to the way I've been striking the ball. But obviously I made a few additional putts, and that's what it's all about.

Q. You seemed to be putting better than last week?

GREG NORMAN: That wouldn't be hard. Last week I putted poorly, to tell you the truth. But I feel a little bit better now. I've got more confidence. And that's all putting is, seeing the ball go in the hole a couple of times. And when you see that, you can loosen up with your game.

Q. Does that make the putt on 7 significant; did that cheer you up?

GREG NORMAN: No, not really. I think the putt I really would have liked to have made was on the third hole, after the second hole. I hit it in there fairly close and missed it from about nine or ten feet. And I thought if I can pull one on top of the other, that would be great. But it didn't go. Even though I missed it, I put a pretty good stroke on it. And that was the most important thing.

Q. You just mentioned you're using a different putter, is it an old one you put back in play?

GREG NORMAN: No. It came out of my caddy's golf bag, actually. He brought his clubs with him and I took it out of his bag last night.

Q. Any disadvantage to going off this afternoon?

GREG NORMAN: I don't know what it was like this morning. I didn't pay any attention, to tell you the truth. This golf course is probably one of the best shot-makers golf courses out here. You've got to fit the ball all the way. You can't just get up there on any tee and hit it straight. You've got to get up on every tee and fade it or draw it and the second shot is either a fade or a draw. The wind makes it that much more difficult. But irrespective, you've still got to hit the same kind of shot, no wind or with wind.

Q. With the small, small greens, is that conducive to making more birdies?

GREG NORMAN: More bogeys, too. It's tough. You've got a very, very small landing area to get at, and these greens are a little firmer today. But it makes you play from tee-to-green, this golf course, it's a classic.

Q. Seeing a score like Davis Love's, does that change your plan of attack or is it way too early in the tournament?

GREG NORMAN: It's way too early. You know when you're teeing off in the afternoon the first day, you're going to have somebody up there shooting 8-under, 9-under, 6-under, 7-under.

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