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April 27, 2002

Mark Brazil

Judy Revels


MARK BRAZIL: My name is Mark Brazil, the tournament director of the Greater Greensboro Chrysler Classic, and I would like to introduce Ms. Judy Revels, who is the 2003 general chairman. So Judy will be our top Jaycee next year running the 2003 event. We wanted to come by today and first welcome to the tournament, but also tell you a little bit about the direction we're going with this tournament and some exciting news. First off, we are very happy to have signed our deal with the PGA Tour and we've got Chrysler committed for another four years. Chrysler has now become the biggest sponsor on the PGA Tour, and we're very, very excited about being a partner with Chrysler and they are certainly our hero in allowing us to continue with this great championship.

We are increasing our purse next year. This past year, the 2002 purse is $3.8 million, and we've decided that we would like to be at the level with some of the other great championships and we're going to increase our purse by $700,000 and go to $4.5 million starting next year.

We will also have a name change. And being good partners with Chrysler we have spoken to them and, as you know, they're going to sponsor the tournament in Tucson, the tournament in Tampa Bay, as well as the Bob Hope. So they're going to have four tournaments they're sponsoring next year. And for us to get in line with the other championships, the other classics, we're going to change our name in 2003 to the Chrysler Classic of Greensboro.

There has been some discussion about, are we going to have Carolina or North Carolina in it, and we just think for 64 years we have had this great city of Greensboro tagged to the name and we're going to keep it there. It deserves it. Greensboro loves this great championship and we're proud to have the name Greensboro still associated with the Chrysler Classic.

We're pretty excited about all these good things, especially the purse and the name change and the direction we're heading in the future. Judy is going to have 18 months to take us forward and move this tournament to another level, and I know the Jaycees are going to rally around her, and I'm certainly going to be here to help the Jaycees move this thing forward.

You know, I think from my standpoint, from Judy's standpoint we're so proud of our relationship with Chrysler and the PGA Tour that we can continue for four more years right here in Greensboro with the old GGO, the old GGCC, and now the Chrysler Classic of Greensboro. So a new name has been born and we're quite excited about it.

Judy, if you have anything else -- I don't know if you have anything, but we can take some questions, if there are any. If not, we can leave, which would be just great for me, actually.

Q. What helped bring on the name change?

MARK BRAZIL: I think that in a lot of ways, for Chrysler, this is a big media buy for them and a great advertising avenue for them, with these PGA Tour events, and to get their name out front of the classic, the Chrysler classic of Greensboro makes a lot of sense. They need to be the focus of the tournament. They are the ones supporting us and sponsoring the tournament, and they deserve the credit. We think that's the best thing to do, is to get Chrysler out there so every time you all write or talk about the tournament in Greensboro it's called the Chrysler Classic of Greensboro, I think that's very important.

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