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July 5, 2002

Michele Redman


MODERATOR: Ladies and gentlemen, Michele Redman shot a 69 today to go with her 71 yesterday. She's the first one in at even par. The first thing I notice about your score, Michele, is that you had six birdies today. Wow.

MICHELE REDMAN: Yeah, I hit a lot of good shots out there today when I hit the green, and, you know, I really felt like I only mis-hit a couple shots. I did really good off the fairway, I didn't miss a fairway today.

Q. You also said had it not been for a couple mis-chips and 3-putts, you might have gone lower?

MICHELE REDMAN: Two 3-putts on the front 9: 1 and 8. And the back 9, I didn't have a good club off the tee on 12, and I made bogey there. And I had two good shots on 11, so I really felt like I played good.

Q. How did the course compare today? You had late yesterday, early today?

MICHELE REDMAN: Actually, I thought it played very similar. I kind of figured, since yesterday morning the wind didn't blow as much, it would be the same this morning, but it picked up after the first few holes.

Q. The bogey on the first hole, you 3-putted there?


Q. Then birdied on No. 3?

MICHELE REDMAN: I made a long -- a snake there, about 45 feet with a pitching wedge there, and made the birdie.

Q. Pitching wedge to the green, 45 feet for the putt?


Q. Number 6, birdied?

MICHELE REDMAN: Yeah. I hit a 9-iron about 3 feet for birdie. And then on 7 I chipped up to about 6 feet for birdie.

Q. Then 8, the bogey?

MICHELE REDMAN: Yeah, 3-putted there.

Q. 3 putts. 11 -- go into a little more detail about 11 and 12, bogeyed both of those.

MICHELE REDMAN: I had a tough lie in the fairway, perfect drive off the tee and downhill on my lie, I ran way over the green, and I was about a yard from hitting a good shot, and I left it at the fringe and putted down.

Q. You 1-putted for bogey there.

MICHELE REDMAN: Basically, because I was on the fringe.

Q. 12?

MICHELE REDMAN: 12, I hit a perfect drive off the tee, but it was too far right, but I had to chip it under the tree and I didn't get it down.

Q. Birdies on 13 and 14?

MICHELE REDMAN: I hit a 9-wood in about 20, 25 feet there for birdie, and on 14 I knocked a 9-iron about 3 feet for birdie. That's a very difficult pin on that hole today.

Q. And 15 was the bogey?

MICHELE REDMAN: Yeah. I got to figure that hole out. I just -- you know, I just hit a 5-iron every day. It's been in between clubs, and I've gone with the shorter club, and the pin was right over the mound, just a little further right, but I didn't get it up and down.

Q. You redeemed yourself by getting a birdie on the next hole.

MICHELE REDMAN: Yeah, I hit a pitching wedge about 3 feet and made it for birdie.

Q. Overall, you must have been thrilled with your round.

MICHELE REDMAN: I felt like I hit the ball great. I felt like I hit it off the tee great -- I didn't miss a fairway today, and that is the key to this golf course is get it in the fairway.

Q. You mentioned with the 6 birdies, and you shoot 1-under, if this wasn't the U.S. Open, would it be more disappointing, or do you get ready for a roller coaster at the Women's Open?

MICHELE REDMAN: A little. My game is pretty consistent. I don't normally have a round like this, but, unfortunately, the last two days, after about the 13th hole yesterday, you have to be patient out here. It's not like a regular LPGA event. If you're a couple over after four holes, you feel like you're five shots behind the leaders. That's not how it is.

Q. You talked about the conditions being similar to what you played yesterday, but you shot 1-under, and I think maybe there's one other score under par this morning in all the players, so could you describe the difficulty of the course right now?

MICHELE REDMAN: I think some of the pins are really difficult. You have to be on the right side of the pin out here or it's a really difficult two-putt, and you have a lot of 5 and 6 footers coming back, and that, to me, is the key, and when you're downwind, the greens just are so firm, you really have to make sure you plan for that and hit it short and run it up and trust it. You're hitting 6 irons from 175 yards, and I am not normally doing that.

Q. You're almost assured of being in the last three or four groups on the weekend here. Could you talk about that feeling and how you feel you'll approach it?

MICHELE REDMAN: I'm going to go out and have fun and relax. That's been my key the last month. I've played well in the Open before and been in the last three or four groups. I'm going to be nervous. I love this tournament. This tournament is the tournament for me. I'm going to try to relax and enjoy it because the crowds are great.

Q. Michele tied for 7th in 1997 at Pumpkin Ridge?


MODERATOR: Any other questions? Thank you so much, Michele - wonderful two rounds.

End of FastScripts....

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