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September 27, 2002

Robert Gamez


JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Robert, thank you for joining us. Second round 69, a little tougher going for you today. You're definitely going to be in contention going into the weekend. Let's get some opening comments from you.

ROBERT GAMEZ: I didn't quite hit it as close as I did yesterday. Yesterday it seemed like I had the perfect yardage for every shot and today I was in between clubs all day. Unless you're absolutely perfect with your ball-striking on days like that, it's hard to get the ball real close, so I didn't hit a lot of shots close to the hole today.

I hit good shots they were just a little long or a little short. I had a lot of 20-, 30-footers for birdies, instead of the 10, 15-footers I had yesterday. I made really one bad swing all day that was on 14. I blocked it right, hit a cart path, ended up under a tree. I had to chip it out, and get it to the fairway. It was the whole hole. Whatever I did, it wasn't right. I ended up with a double bogey.

Really, I mean, I'm pretty happy with the way I came back after that birdie on the next two. I had a good chance on the next hole. I hit a sand wedge in there about 12 feet behind the hole and lipped it out. I felt pretty good today.

Q. How was it to have a bad swing on a hole that everybody seems to be taking advantage of this week?

ROBERT GAMEZ: Well, it played into the wind today. It was into the wind left to right, which is I think is the prevailing wind on that hole. It's an awkward tee shot for me because it goes left, but it was into the wind and I couldn't hit -- I really couldn't hit a 3-wood today like I did yesterday.

Being downwind, I hit it a little right and the wind took it. If it didn't hit the cart path it would have been all right, but it nailed the cart path dead center. You're standing on that hole thinking you're going to give yourself a chance to make an eagle, and worst case you're going to walk off with a birdie. And to walk off with a double bogey is kind of tough.

Q. Let's go through your score card.

ROBERT GAMEZ: Starting on the front, it was a little cool this morning. The ball didn't travel as well as I thought it would have. A couple of times on the first hole I hit a sand wedge and it came up short. It rolled by about 6 feet, 7 feet made that for par, so it was kind of a nice start, getting off to make a good putt even though I didn't play the hole the way I wanted to.

The next hole I hit a good tee shot. Again, it was a little cool this morning, I hit a 5-iron short of the green, hit my chip and it took off. I hit it 20 feet by, but I made that for par. I kept it going, instead of starting with a bogey.

Made a good par at 3.

Hit a good shot at 4, about 20 feet and missed it.

The next hole I hit a good shot for my second shot, a little 9-iron from 152, on No. 5 there, it hit next to the hole and bounced by the hole about 25 feet, maybe 30 feet and made that for birdie. Like I said, I couldn't get it close.

Hit it 15, 20 feet on the next hole. The only shot I did hit close was No. 7. I hit a sand wedge in there about 20 feet behind the hole and missed it. That's one I thought I should have made. I made the one on two, so it kind of evened out a little bit.

I parred 8 and 9. Parred 10. Parred 11.

12, I hit it right down the middle of the fairway with a 3-wood and had 138 to the hole into the wind uphill, and figured just a nice 9-iron. I don't know what happened. It flew to the back edge and went over the green. I had a tough little chip and left it short of the green, chipped up there and made about a 5-footer for bogey.

But then I hit a pitching wedge on the par 3 about 20 feet, and about 15 feet left of the hole, I guess it was, and made that for birdie. And then a double on 14. But then coming back, I hit a 7-iron on No. 15 for my second shot up there about six feet from the hole and made that.

And then I hit my tee shot in the left bunker on 16, with a 3-wood, trying to just lay it up, and hit a wedge about 20 feet past the hole, 25 feet past the hole and made it for birdie.

A good par save on 17 out of the bunker and then the 18th hole, a little sand wedge in there behind it and lipped it out from about 12 feet.

Q. Same game plan for the weekend?

ROBERT GAMEZ: Yes. I'm playing well, except for that one bad swing. Unfortunately it had to be on that hole, everything else had to happen afterwards. For the most part I hid it pretty solid all day. Like I said, I was just in between clubs all day.

Q. Does that seem to be the toughest thing to do, put four real good rounds together, which seems to be the thing you have to do to win on the Tour these days?

ROBERT GAMEZ: You can get away with a mediocre score if you have a low round in there. If I can just keep playing solidly and keep making a lot of birdies, I will at least have a chance this weekend. That's my game plan. Like I said, I'm hitting the ball well. I'm hitting a lot of greens and hitting a lot of good shots. Maybe they didn't turn out today, but they turned out yesterday. Hopefully I can get them turning out this weekend.

JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Thank you, Robert.

End of FastScripts....

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