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July 31, 2001

David Gossett


JOAN V.T. ALEXANDER: We'd like to thank David Gossett for joining us here for a few minutes. First of all, congratulations on your victory last week, that was wonderful. And you are back here at The INTERNATIONAL where you started in your first professional tournament. And I guess you didn't realize you were going to be back with a membership.

DAVID GOSSETT: Winning last week changed my schedule, but -- and what can I say, back here at Castle Pines, what a treat.

Q. Did you try to get another one or ---

DAVID GOSSETT: I needed to stay focused on the BUY.COM Tour because I was steadily progressing working my way up the money list. I wanted -- my goals for this year was to be out on the PGA TOUR for next season and I have done that but just a little different avenue and sooner than I thought I would. I was focusing being on the -- 15th on the money list trying to work my way up to No. 1 on the money list so was going to be in Omaha, Nebraska right now. However things changed when I won the golf tournament last week and here I am, PGA TOUR member, champion and get the win under my belt and pleased to be here. Nice to be back. Nice to fly over Omaha yesterday, that's for sure from Chicago.

Q. You never would be able to make that connection whether the steaks are better in Denver or Omaha?

DAVID GOSSETT: That's right. (Laughs) Maybe another day.

Q. If you wouldn't mind go through how crazy it has been, that final putt, all the things that -- I mean, right when you are walking off, you are signing your card and how everything has changed for you in the last couple of days?

DAVID GOSSETT: It has been a little wild, kind of the media frenzy and just the excitement I had with it and right after it happened so many things -- I mean, it is like a little chaos but it was fun. It seemed similar to when I won the U.S. Amateur in Pebble Beach just the mass media, a lot of attention, and just satisfaction to myself knowing that I finally did win a golf tournament and solidified my card on the PGA TOUR for the next two years, and a lot of emotions running. It has been crazy a little bit. I drove to Chicago late that night and then flew here yesterday and the reason I chose to play here was I felt fresh even though it was a draining week mentally, emotionally, I had taken the week off before last week, so I was planning on playing four tournaments in a row, the Omaha and going to Arkansas and Odessa; now winning I got some different options, but not planning on playing next week. Am I in the PGA Championship?

JOAN V.T. ALEXANDER: Yes, you are in the PGA Championship. As a winner of a PGA TOUR event, from that victory.

DAVID GOSSETT: Use to be The Masters.

JOAN V.T. ALEXANDER: U.S. Open is multiple victories within a year.

DAVID GOSSETT: So I am here.

Q. We know you are in the PGA but not The Masters; not the British; not the Open.

JOAN V.T. ALEXANDER: In terms of the majors, yes. Then I can give you more information on THE PLAYERS Championship and some of the invitationals like the Bay Hill Invitational.

DAVID GOSSETT: In the back of my mind somewhere I wanted to be playing in the majors as soon as I could and I knew that I just had to be patient and work on my game and work on my -- believe in myself and just going out to play golf and not making it such a big deal and I have done that and nice to play so well in a PGA TOUR event to let it carry over, you know, finish it off with a win.

Q. So those of us that don't know, when you say I have got my card, is it in your wallet?

DAVID GOSSETT: I have a BUY.COM money clip that I have been using here today, but I think they are going to get one to me. Yeah, it is great.

JOAN V.T. ALEXANDER: He is already on the money list for the members.

Q. Do you get actually a card you carry around in your wallet?

DAVID GOSSETT: They give you a card. They did for BUY.COM. I didn't carry it in my wallet. The money clip is pretty much we all need. But yeah, it is a card.

Q. I am curious when you take -- two-part question when you take a week off, how much physical training are you doing and then during an average week where you are playing, how much exercise will you do during a week?

DAVID GOSSETT: Varies on the week. I played four weeks in a row on the BUY.COM Tour, and I have been working out in the gym -- do you mean golf or gym or just all?

Q. Gym.

DAVID GOSSETT: I worked out probably three days a week on the BUY.COM Tour. Kind of at the end -- last two weeks I was out in the Hershey, Pennsylvania tournament and Wichita event. I hit Wichita about three times, but generally two to four a week I hit the gym. During that week off I wanted to relax. I didn't touch the golf club really first couple of days and I putted for a couple of days. Didn't really hit any balls. Then the last, that Friday I played 18 holes, Saturday I played 18 holes in the morning with some friends and stuff out at out Southwind in Memphis. That was fun and Sunday I didn't play golf then Monday flew up to or Sunday night flew up to Moleen. But to answer your question, three or four times a week. During a week off just trying to recharge and get ready to go. Because it was emotionally draining the four weeks in a row on the BUY.COM I was in the Top-10 all four weeks, I had a chance too win not so much physically draining but just mentally and emotionally.

Q. It is a more general question. We in the media seem to always want to find the next great rival or the great rival for Tiger. Now that you have won your name has come up and you are looked at as one of those guys that maybe could challenge him. Is it important for the Tour to have one guy or a group of guys to challenge him?

DAVID GOSSETT: I think it is true that competition is always great for any Tour, and Tiger being you know, kind of the best player in the world right now obviously someone to challenge him and to play against him, is great for the game. That has been showed, David Duval winning the last major and players like Goosen coming up and winning, Tiger not dominating like he had been doing there for a while. But I am excited with my game, just trying to really work on improving. I feel like I have a lot of room for improvement, and to see that I have already won, to get that win under my belt knowing that is exciting and encouraging to me. I feel like I have really want to -- I have always really wanted to become a part of the history of the game. I need to work on my game and continue the process of developing just the whole personna of a player who can do well in major championships and win.

Q. Prior to the winning putt on Sunday, what was the most important shot for you the entire day and then the process of making that winning putt, was it easier than you thought it would be or more difficult?

DAVID GOSSETT: That's a good question. The putt on No. 9 I made for par was the big putt for me, I thought that was crucial. I had gotten off to a good start and you know, I felt comfortable the last day. I had two nights that I slept with the lead, I went out there I was just -- went out with the attitude that I had nothing to lose, and I am going to go out and try to play the best I can today and not really get so caught up in where I stand in the tournament. And I was able to shoot 3 under the front, make that -- about a 10-footer for par on No. 9. And I kept the momentum going, didn't -- did miss a few short putts on the back nine but not 2-under par on the back nine. When I got to the last few holes again I felt very comfortable which was kind of, I don't know, it was nice really, I felt calm. It just didn't seem overwhelming I guess is what I am saying and I made that last putt when Bradley Hughes was putting from the fringe, I was wait-- knew I had a 6-footer to win the golf tournament. I was just thinking to myself, I was smiling, I said, this is awesome. I mean how many -- this is what I dream of, a 6-footer to win a golf tournament with a lot of people watching, all the attention focused on me when I am putting. I just embraced it, smiled, and said this is a great opportunity; didn't really worry about if it went in or not. Just put my best effort in. I think that freed me up to do it. I learned a lot this past week. I am just encouraged -- I don't feel like I played my absolute best game to do it. I played very well, not 19-under, but I shot 19-under in Wichita and some 18-under last few weeks, and I am just-- I am playing well now, and just getting better in all areas of my game. It is nice to win.

Q. You had a 59 in the qualifying Q-School last year. Then you got your BUY.COM card. Were you disappointed with the way -- after the 59 and the fact that you missed qualifying for the big --

DAVID GOSSETT: Well I wasn't disappointed after I shot 59. I thought that was pretty awesome. 12 birdies and eagle in one day and to not be afraid to shoot really low, not to become aware of what I was shooting that particular round and to birdie the last four holes making that 8-footer right in the middle on the last hole for a 59 that was something that will stay with me forever and to shoot 59 in a Tour event at 21 years of age, that I think that is going to go along way for me down the road. Yes, I was disappointed not to get my PGA TOUR card, and that just really -- again it was just an attitude thing. I think rather than being really disgruntled with the fact that I shot a great round but didn't get it, I chose to look at the 59, say, look what I can do, I mean, that's tremendous, 59 not too many people can do it, not in pitch and putt course, and obviously I need to work on my consistency. The BUY.COM Tour is a great place to do that. I just had to go to work and identified the areas that needed that consistency, and just had fun with it.

Q. On the Broadcast Sunday they showed a lot of closeups of your face. It looked like you were talking to yourself. Were you giving yourself little peptalks?

DAVID GOSSETT: Yeah, hang in there.

Q. Tips --

DAVID GOSSETT: Just, I don't know, little self-talk never hurts, I guess. I don't know. I haven't seen the film or anything, but just hang in there, stuff like that.

Q. What is going to be the key for your game here having played here before?

DAVID GOSSETT: Well, I think coming off a win, it is kind of an emotional rollercoaster, and you know, I played here last year, I missed the cut. I feel comfortable with the golf course just walked off the 18th, played with Lee Janzen and had fun out there today with Andrew Magee. But the key for me is just to get some rest, I think, today, tonight and tomorrow and to be calm, and go out there with the right attitude really. Just to be-- not put so much expectation on myself after winning and to just go out, have fun, make some birdies, get on the score board with some points. Kind of look at it that way. I don't know. Obviously you hit the ball a long way out here. It is kind of fun hitting the ball 350 occasionally and putting is what it always boils down to.

Q. Do you think putting is going to be the key for you as far as part of your game?

DAVID GOSSETT: Well , I feel like I am a very good putter, and I have been driving the ball very well. Last week I hit 80% of the fairways, 80% of the greens. I don't know my putting statistics but I get -- like I putted the ball fine. I am playing well. I feel confident. I feel calm. But just getting enough rest going out there and getting off to a good start and see it as a round of golf and not be distracted from all the peripheral stuff that is going on. Good training too after last weak to come out and play, the reason I wanted to play I took that week off before I won last week and I wanted to keep it going.

Q. Take yourself back to the four last tournaments did you surprise yourself by winning, did you think you were capable of winning on the PGA TOUR?

DAVID GOSSETT: I wasn't surprised, no. But pleased is a good word, I guess. Like I said, I finished second in Wichita. My sister caddied for me in Hershey, Pennsylvania finished tied for fifth. Those two tournaments I really had good opportunities to win golf tournaments to win the tournament. I just didn't happen. It got in my own way a little bit. I didn't hit the right shots at the right time and I finished tied for 9th two weeks before that. I

was around in the hunt, and just didn't quite finish the job. I just took the week off and thought a lot about those four weeks, and I was playing well. I worked on some shots and putted a lot that week, and I did feel confident I could do well and it could happen. But focusing on winning and you know, really saying, hey, let's win, let's win this week or I can win, has really hurt me in the past, so I just went out there with kind of a care free attitude and had my buddy on the bag. He never caddied for me before. We were on a golf team in Texas together. We roomed together my freshman year, just had fun. I was playing well. I played in a pro-am a little shootout on Tuesday. I played really well. Hit every shot really good, made several birdies. Just felt very well, I don't know, felt calm. I was playing well.

Q. Doesn't sound like you think there is much different as far as a --

DAVID GOSSETT: Exactly. I played the golf course in the practice round on Tuesday, a lot of the BUY.COM tournaments courses are similar to this, this week, and the courses up there are good. There is a little more rough than there is on the BUY.COM, but I approached it the same way I did at BUY.COM because I got closer and closer to wining, I was able to stick to it; not really focus on it is a PGA TOUR event; if I do well I could get my card, if I were to win I would get a two year exemption, I just kind of said no to all that. When it entered my mind I kind of shifted my focus away from that.

Q. You have the same teacher as David Toms, right?

DAVID GOSSETT: Rob Akins in Memphis, yeah. Yes.

Q. Have you talked to David about his success here and what you need to do?

DAVID GOSSETT: Yes, I have, last year when I came here for a practice round I played with David and he was the defending champion. We both missed the cut, so, that was it.

Q. So you didn't gain much off of that?

DAVID GOSSETT: Well, I did gain a lot I just wasn't able to apply it. No, David and I, we have played several practice rounds together. We had a really good time, I remember at the U.S. Open at Pebble last year playing with Phil Mickelson and John Huston,

-- Freddie Couples, Phil Mickelson and David and I we had a good time. We paired up and had a fun game there.

End of FastScripts....

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