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August 5, 2000

Greg Norman


LEE PATTERSON: Thank you. Maybe just a couple thoughts about today and as you head into the final round tomorrow.

GREG NORMAN: Today was an interesting day, to say the least. I think we saw a vast cross-section of weather conditions with the wind blowing and picking up on the 14th tee like I have seen it down in Australia, which is very unusual for here. Probably turned into one of the easier days, into one of the toughest four, five holes. Heaven forbid how long it is going to take us if it blew like that for 18 holes. We would have to tee off at 6 in the morning, I would imagine. (laughs).

Q. Did you get when you guys got to 14, there was -- you talked about the wind blowing. Everybody was slowing down a little bit there because you had a --

GREG NORMAN: Just impossible to judge where the wind was coming from. For example, when Ernie teed off the 14 tee, there was no wind. When I teed off, it was blowing about 30. When we got down to our third shots, I was playing it into the wind, came up short. He hit exactly the same club and hit it 40 yards past mine. So it is just one of those things that is very, very difficult to control the ball.

Q. How about your drive on that hole? How much time did you have left?

GREG NORMAN: 30 seconds, I believe according to George.

LEE PATTERSON: George was on it.

GREG NORMAN: George was on me, yeah.

Q. Were you aware that they had found the ball?

GREG NORMAN: We've done that before where you can use a video camera; you can use the gallery if you want. The guys were saying a lot of people saw where the ball went in. It was just embedded.

Q. What are your chances realistically?

GREG NORMAN: Very good.

Q. Do you need some help from Ernie tomorrow?

GREG NORMAN: No, I mean, if he just shoots 2-, or 3-under, I mean, 12, 15 points are very gettable out there. So my chances are very good.

Q. Pleased with -- pleased with what you did today?

GREG NORMAN: Yes, under the circumstances, I think I was. I would have liked to have not bogeyed the last hole, of course, but at the end of the day you know, didn't really hurt me too much, but I enjoyed the day. I played well. I kept it under control and kept my game right there and I played a few wayward shots, but the miss-hit shots weren't as punishing as what they could have been. So I was happy with the day.

Q. Did you think you had a pretty good eagle chance on 17?

GREG NORMAN: Absolutely. I was about 10 foot down the hill. Only problem with that, you saw what happened with Stuart Appleby, rolls by six feet, you only have to get the ball going -- with any momentum there, the ball is just going to keep on going, so it is one of those putts where you just die it down there and if you die it correctly, it goes in.

Q. I am sure you'd rather be playing in the final group. Any advantage in playing in the group ahead of that?

GREG NORMAN: Not really. You got to post a score whether you are in the final group or not. What are we 9 back?

Q. Yes.

GREG NORMAN: So, no matter where you are, you got to put a number on the board. Hopefully I can put it up early and be a hole ahead, I guess.

Q. With so many good players playing well here - not that it is your intention - are you making a statement maybe for the PGA TOUR and maybe even Tiger reading the scores in the morning?

GREG NORMAN: No, no, not at all. That is the furthest thing from my mind, really. I am very happy with the way I am playing. I want to keep my play going very, very well tomorrow. I want to play solid golf tomorrow. I'd like to shoot another 65 or 64. That would be great to end my week on, and like I said yesterday, irrespective with what happens on the weekend, I came in here with a mission and I achieved my mission and now all I have to do is just work on my golf game.

Q. Yesterday you came in, your hip was feeling good but you were very fatigued. You seem a little fresher sitting here today. Do you feel better after this round?

GREG NORMAN: I think yesterday I explained to you that those extra six or seven holes, no matter who you are, you are going to feel a little tired walking around here. But at the end of day today I feel very good because we didn't go the six or seven holes and we didn't have to wait around that extra bit of time. But fatigue is not a factor for me. The end of the day you know when you have walked up-and-down hills. I go hunting at 12,000, 10,000 feet, so I am used to elevation, and hiking up hills.

Q. You seemed a little loose. Seemed like you were hitting the driver a little --

GREG NORMAN: I had to, to keep up with these young swivel hips out there. (Laughter) God almighty, these kids have got some speed in their hips. They must go disco'ing all night, that is all I can say. No, I hit a couple of good drives out there today. I felt when I needed to put one on there and turn it on I could pick up a little bit of yardage, but Stuart Appleby, he drove the ball extremely long today. Longest I have ever seen Stewart drive it. But I was happy with where I was hitting the ball. I didn't need to be wanting to hit -- I'd like to hit it another 40 yards, but I am happy where I was hitting it.

Q. They showed a picture of you of your swing when you won here in 1989 and they showed you today and you got pretty good swivel hips too.

GREG NORMAN: Oh, really?

Q. Yes.

GREG NORMAN: As long as they are swivelling, I don't mind.

Q. And not hurting?

GREG NORMAN: No, that is right.

End of FastScripts....

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