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August 10, 2000

Lorie Kane


CONNIE WILSON: We have Lorie Kane. We'll have her do some general comments about the round, and then open it up for questions.

LORIE KANE: General comments. It was a long day, but a real neat one to play after coming here from St. Louis. I think I said last year, teeing off the first round at du Maurier, I was going to try to hit my tee shot out of the tent because of the thunderous applause I had gotten. And I've gotten just as loud here. But I was much more relaxed and comfortable because I think of -- well, I know because of last week's victory has taken a large weight off my shoulders. I played today with a lot of calmness. And what I'd like to -- I kind of attacked more than I'd like to. But overall, I made some really good chances; had some chances at birdies that I didn't capitalize on. And again, when we spend two hours waiting to get back out and play, just trying to find the clubhouse -- but I tell you, I'll sleep well with that birdie on 18.

Q. How important was that, to go into round 2 with that?

LORIE KANE: I really wanted to finish the round at even par. I knew that coming in with the few short holes, 16 and 17 -- I thought I hit a great 7-iron into 17. And I came up a little bit short, but made a great up-and-down for par. So you need to birdie the par-5s in any tournament. And 18 was there, and I hit a good shot in and made a good putt. So very key, I think.

Q. With everything that happened last week, the first round is in the books, and you're five off the lead. A certain amount of fulfillment with the fact that you're right there, pretty much where you want to be?

LORIE KANE: I'm happy where I am. Certainly, I'd like to be under par, but it is a major and there's a long way to Sunday. And I'm sure that this golf course will change a little bit over the next couple of days. I know I'm looking forward to playing tomorrow morning. The greens are pretty beat up right now with the rain and just the amount of people walking around. So I'm looking forward to the next couple of days.

Q. Can you talk about the greens being smaller than maybe usual? I noticed that in the time that I was following you, some of the putts you had that were of a longer variety were some wicked breaks. A lot of speed was critical. Do you find that on the long putts, do you feel that they're very treacherous here?

LORIE KANE: There are. Not all the greens, but definitely a couple of them. And I think the back 9 has a little bit more slope. As a result, you may have a 10-footer, but you may have to play a couple of feet of break. But there's a couple of spike marks out there that I had to go over that -- one that comes to mind is 14. I thought I hit a good putt, and it kicked off to the right. And that happens. That's golf. That's the rub of the green. And you have to be prepared when we play a course like this. I absolutely love the course, and I can't -- I'm looking forward to playing tomorrow morning.

Q. Is that why you had Pat come over at the end? Was that a spike mark that you were looking at?

LORIE KANE: Yes, a lot of pitch marks and some spike marks. I was pretty sure it was a pitch mark, but I wanted to double check.

Q. Do you remember how you were introduced on the first tee, what they said?

LORIE KANE: Certainly.

Q. What did they say?

LORIE KANE: Well, they said in French that I'm from Prince Edward Island. And "Coming off her first victory at the Michelob Light Classic." And I thought that sounded pretty good.

Q. Was it the same thunderous applause you had in Calgary last year?

LORIE KANE: Yes, it was.

Q. This time, how was it different?

LORIE KANE: It was different because I wasn't as nervous, as much as -- you know when you have somebody tell you, hundreds and hundreds of people, that "this is your week, this is your week, this is your week," it tends to get a little bit -- it's a heavy weight. And I lifted it. And -- not that I was never confident that I would win. But having done that, and being here, I'm really quite comfortable to be here.

Q. How comfortable are you five strokes off the pace, one round into this?

LORIE KANE: Well, I know that there's a lot of birdies out there that can be had. And I played very well yesterday, and I rolled the ball yesterday in the Pro Am, and I'm really looking forward to getting back out tomorrow. The group didn't have a real great rhythm, but we did make our share of birdies, and we can -- I know when you're playing with Laura and Pat, they hit it a ton. And they're going to have some more chances at it tomorrow, and I'm going to be right along with them.

Q. For as long as you waited for that first victory, today it seemed almost every new green you walked to, everyone was there to give you a nice round of applause. And I could tell it meant quite a bit to you.

LORIE KANE: Absolutely. Well, regardless if I had won or not, I think that -- I remember last year that every green a Canadian walked to, I heard the applause. But Pat asked me if I could quiet down the gallery, and I said "absolutely not."

Q. After the rain delay, it was very much reduced, as far as the gallery. Did that make a difference? Did you feel still a little bit of pressure from all that gallery taking off?

LORIE KANE: No, I don't feel pressure from the gallery. I like having people around, and I like people enjoying what I do. And I like to entertain people by trying to play the best golf that we can. Again, I can't tell you, I think our group today were three pretty lively entertainers. Pat enjoys herself. Laura is always good for a comment or two, and she enjoys the game and enjoys having fun; and I, the same. So I was glad -- that was some pretty nasty weather that we had come through. And there's not a lot of place for spectators to go to, so home was probably a pretty good place.

Q. Yesterday a lot of players were hoping for par. Did you have a score initially early in the day?

LORIE KANE: I'm sorry, I didn't hear you.

Q. Were you surprised to see the score at 5-under, considering the fact that some of the golfers yesterday were talking about just making par?

LORIE KANE: No, because if you hit some good shots and you can play the shorter holes with the smaller greens, you're going to make some birdies. And if you can get through the tougher holes without making any kind of mistakes, then 5-under is a great round. And it's quite capable to go even lower here if the finishes stay the way they were right now. But I don't see that happening. That's a great round of golf. She should be very pleased with herself.

Q. When you play with somebody like Pat and Laura, when they made the turn, Laura was 3-over, and all of a sudden: Boom, boom, she's back on track, then she seemed to get off a bit. But it seemed to be happening to all three of you. You get it going and you have a bogey and it would set you back again. When the play is sort of like that, between all three players, is that something that you sort of try not to get caught up in, because it's happening to them, but it's happening to you as well?

LORIE KANE: Well, you know it happens, and maybe with a golf course like this, it will happen more. But you don't pay attention -- but you do pay attention when a group is on a roll. Last week, I played with Michelle Estill and Kristi Albers, and we made enough birdies between the three of us that our board was 7, 6, 5 coming in on Sunday or Saturday's round. And when you have people who are struggling, it doesn't mean that you have to struggle. And Laura gets 3-over, Laura is going to get 3-under just as quick. And she just hits the ball too far not to give herself more chances. And she probably will say to you that she didn't putt very well today, but her time will come. She's rolling it well. When you have a downhill, little bit of a slider, you can't be really aggressive. I think the group played not too bad.

Q. As the unofficial hostess of the du Maurier Classic, how much free time will you have this week?

LORIE KANE: The first three days of being here were pretty hectic. I know that I have some friends who live in Ottawa that I went to school with that I need to spend some time over the weekend. Thanks to the great Communications Department with the LPGA, they arranged for me to come in and chat like this, which made it easier for me.

Q. What was the iron you hit on the last hole of the birdie?


Q. A couple of weeks ago, you said you can't win a tournament on Thursday, but you can put yourself in position to do so. Do you feel that you're in that position?

LORIE KANE: Absolutely. Even par is a good score on a first round of a major. Even with five, three. They played early this morning. Annika, we followed her all day, so I pretty much know how her round went. I'm happy where I am, but I'm ready to go out and get some birdies tomorrow morning.

Q. Lorie, it seemed like you came off a birdie at 5, it seemed like the gallery rolled the ball in the hole, and you caught an unlucky break the next hole. You caught the front of the green. It seemed like your day went like that, where you never seemed to get on top of it. There was always a little bit of a break that set you back.

LORIE KANE: Momentum -- I never really capitalized on any of the momentum that I started. And yes, I truly believe that on the par-3, that they scared the heck out of that ball and it fell in the hole. It was going to hang there and they roared, and it fell in. And the next hole, I 3-putt. When I hit a good second putt, it just never went in. But you can't get down because you've got a lot more climbing and a lot of holes to play at that point. And I wanted to finish with a birdie, and I did, and that's where we'll leave it. And that's what I have to dream about.

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