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October 1, 2000

Lorie Kane


LORIE KANE: I birdied the 1st hole. I hit a 9-iron probably about maybe six feet.

NEAL REID: Birdie on 3.

LORIE KANE: Birdie on 3. Hit actually a sand wedge out of the front bunker, the fairway bunker, just in front of the green. I made a 25-footer.

NEAL REID: Birdie on 4.

LORIE KANE: Birdie on 4. Hit 3-wood into the green. Wind was right into our face on that hole and they moved the tee back. Hit it to maybe 15 feet.

NEAL REID: Bogey on 5.

LORIE KANE: Hit it in the bunker basically didn't get up-and-down. I had 15 feet off the fringe for par. Left bunker, green-side.

NEAL REID: Birdie on 7.

LORIE KANE: Birdie on 7. I hit 8-iron to -- no, I'm sorry. Pitching wedge maybe 10 feet.

NEAL REID: Birdie on 8.

LORIE KANE: Another pitching wedge to inside 10 feet.

NEAL REID: Birdie on 11.

LORIE KANE: I thought I had a hole-in-one. It was like that far. I hit 7-iron.

NEAL REID: And then bogey 12.

LORIE KANE: Yeah, I got very lucky there. I hit a terrible 7-iron into the green and somehow, I don't know even know how it got to where it did, but I was hanging on the edge. I couldn't line it up because I'd have to fall into the creek. It was about a 40-feet put and I 3-putted from there.

NEAL REID: Bogey on 14.

LORIE KANE: Bogey on 14. I hit 8-iron just left of the flag maybe 25 feet and 3-putted. The first putt, I hit a great putt and it just skidded by. I missed maybe a 3-footer.

NEAL REID: Birdie 16.

LORIE KANE: Birdied 16. I had 50 yards to the hole; so I hit a little pitch.

NEAL REID: And the playoff hole --

LORIE KANE: The playoff hole. I know exactly what I had into there, because I had the same number -- I had 163 in regular play and I had 160. I hit a 6-iron right on the -- right on the mark, and it probably was a good thing that I had the same number, close to the same shot that I had in the regular play. And I left myself, I don't know, I'd say it was inside 10, for sure.

Q. (Inaudible)?

LORIE KANE: No. I hit 6-iron. I just pushed it and hit -- in regulation, I just pushed it and just didn't get the same spin as I had gotten in the playoff. And to be honest with you, I was lucky to get into the playoff, because the first putt I had, I mean, I made a 15-footer to save par.

Q. Is that what gave you confidence, that you had --

LORIE KANE: I think what gave me the confidence was I had the same shot and knew what I wanted to do the first time. And the swing was not 100% and I hit it on the toe. And I said, "If I just hit it a little bit better," and I had the mark -- actually I could see Nancy Harvey standing right on my line of target and I fired it at them; and hopefully, it will get a lucky bounce, and it did.

Q. In regulation you pushed your shot where?

LORIE KANE: I just pushed it a little bit right of where I wanted to go. All that happened was it didn't feed down into the green -- or into the pin. You know, I said to myself coming up to the green, "It's not a great shot but at least I have a run at it." I thought I hit a good putt, but that's just straight downhill, right across there. And I wasn't trying to make it. It just got away on me.

Q. When was the first time you thought you had a chance to win this tournament?

LORIE KANE: Well, when I saw that Annika wasn't making the birdies that I know she's capable of, and that Shani was holding her own, you know, I just said if I could continue where I was and not make any mistakes and still play aggressive and put some heat on them, because I was the third to last group; that they were going to have to watch us. I tried to do that. And I don't like 3-putting, and when you do that twice, it kind of leaves a sour taste in your mouth. But instead of getting down on myself, I fought harder. I knew that the wind had picked up on the back nine out there, and it wasn't easy out there.

Q. What putt had more pressure: The putt for par in regulation or the putt for birdie?

LORIE KANE: I would say the putt for par.

Q. First of all, could you talk about fundamentally what you think you did best today?

LORIE KANE: Fundamentally what I did best today was I probably -- I drove the ball well. And I think when I drive the ball well, it feeds right into the rest of my game. And minus the 3-putts, I really feel I putted well all week. And I think that that is the key; you have to make putts. You know, I shot 2-over the first round, and I putted well , or I would have been a lot worse.

Q. Also, could you talk about just the emotions of winning this tournament?

LORIE KANE: I'm really excited. I waited a long time to win my first tournament. I was really glad that my friends in Canada, media-wise and media here following the Tour, have let me enjoy that first win and not asked me when I would win again. So I put it to myself: I think you have a chance here, so let's go out and try to do it and have some fun with it. And I definitely had some fun. And Danny was very sharp, who was my caddy, he told me out there, I 3-putted 12 and didn't hit a very good shot into the next hole. And he said, "You know, you're better than this, and you need to show us that you are and you need to be aggressive." So, you know, those kind of talks, and we worked really hard this weekend. I'm happy.

Q. One other question; that is, your impressions of this tournament?

LORIE KANE: I think it is excellent. I think this venue is very good for us. I'll be interested to see how different the golf course plays when we come in August, rather than now. I do love the fall, and I'll be disappointed that we're not coming back in the fall, being as it is hockey season and the Blue Jackets will be one full year into their NHL career. But, no, the venue is beautiful. This clubhouse and the whole atmosphere here in New Albany is wonderful.

Q. What is your caddy's name?

LORIE KANE: Danny Sharp.

Q. When did he say that to you, that "you're better than this"?

LORIE KANE: On No. 13.

Q. We haven't asked you the question, when you were going to win a second time, but you have been in the hunt. What has winning the first time do for you? Obviously, you have a lot of confidence, but how do you feel now?

LORIE KANE: We've talked about it before, Tom, and I think it allowed me to relax. It allowed me to -- winning in St. Louis and winning in the fashion that I did, having gone out and not a great front nine, I played that tournament, but I really did get it together on the back nine. It gave me the confidence that I needed, and to know that I can win and that winning is an attitude and that you have to bring it to the golf course. It's as simple as that. You know, you just have to play within yourself and do everything that you can. And if you make a few mistakes, well just makes mistakes and carry on. Don't let them -- you know, and I think that's what winning showed me was that I didn't have to panic. You know, I make a couple of bogeys on the back nine and I make a couple more birdies and I'm in a playoff. Like, I would have never have guessed that I would be in the playoff. So I think definitely winning the first one has given me a great deal of confidence, and, you know, I just think I've been riding it.

Q. You talked about winning is an attitude you have to bring to the course. Did you ever have to go through something like Shani went through and probably is still going through right now before you got your win?

LORIE KANE: Well, I finished second nine times. I had lost in a couple of playoffs. But, you know, what Shani needs to do, and I know what Shani will do, is that she will build on the positives in that she did everything right, maybe ran into a couple of mistakes coming home, but she'll build on that rather than thinking, you know, "what I lost." I know that for myself, as disappointed as I am or was when I, you know, either finished second or lost in a playoff, you have to tell yourself, you know, did you something well to get there and that some time soon, the door will open and you can't reflect on the negatives. You can only take the positives with you.

Q. What were your thoughts going into a playoff, you had not had too much success there either?

LORIE KANE: You know, I stood on the tee and I said, "This is mine and I'm going to win it."

Q. What's it like to come here and win in light of the people that you knew here? Does that make it all the better?

LORIE KANE: I think that part of it is really exciting. I made Danny where a Blue Jackets hat today. I said, "You know, let's go see what happens here. They won last night. Let's see if we can." It's exciting when you have friends that you've grown up with, and I watched Doug play hockey and my dad coached him, and we got to go to a couple of games this week and see the building and what he's building here with the Blue Jackets. It's just a comfortable place to be. I won't say it is like home, because it is a lot bigger than home, but to see the trees and the foliage and stuff, it's nice. I love the fall. It's a real nice way to end the year.

Q. (Inaudible)?

LORIE KANE: I have a lot of favorite hockey teams. I will be cheering for the Blue Jackets because of Doug and Jimmy Clark and their families. But I have a lot of friends in the National Hockey League, so I cheer for everybody. But I do cheer for a Canadian team until I can't cheer for them anymore. And the Red Wings, yeah.

Q. Can you talk about the two putts you made on 18, kind of describe them? I know the one to win it looked like it was a little bit of a slider?

LORIE KANE: It was a little bit of a slider, you're right. I played it probably two balls out to the left, and it was a speed putt. And I said, "If I can hit it to my mark and let it feed down, then I have a chance." Kimmie made an awesome chip. I thought that thing was in. That probably should have gone in. But you see around the holes here, I've seen an awful lot of little funky things going on, and that's why I knew I had to play a break, but I didn't want to leave it outside the cup.

Q. Last couple years, you basically have been in the Top-15 that hasn't been in the Tournament of Champions. What is that going to feel like?

LORIE KANE: It's going to feel awesome. Every year, you look at your schedule and you commit to all of the events and I always commit -- I commit to everything. And then I have to -- if I decide to take a couple of weeks off, then I withdraw. It's not good for some tournaments because they think I'm coming and then I don't. But I've always committed play in that tournament, but until this year, I wasn't in it. (Laughs). But it's exciting. You know, I've achieved another goal, and that was to get into that tournament.

Q. David Duval finished second a bunch and then when he finally won, he just took off. Do you have like you're taking off now with two out of six?

LORIE KANE: Well, yeah. Maybe. I think, again, to go back to what Tom asked me with regard to where the win in St. Louis kind of put me, I think I've just decided that I'm going to build on it and ride it out. And, you know, I want to -- I want to do the best I can and finish the year off on a really good note. And I'm fortunate that I've played myself into a few extra events, and hopefully this won't be the last one.

Q. (Inaudible.)

LORIE KANE: I'm going to be going to my home in Florida. I haven't been there since May. I'm going back to open up my condo. If I was to go home -- I've love to be going to Prince Edward Island, but unfortunately I won't get there until Christmas. So I'm going to Florida. I'm going to relax. I have one of my best friends coming to town. We're going to do some shopping for the first couple of days in the week and then I'll get myself back into the swing of things. And now that we're playing the TOUR Championship at our home in Daytona, I'm only 40 minutes from there, so I will be going there for practice at the golf course.

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