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June 25, 1999

Frank Nobilo


LEE PATTERSON I know you had a couple of hiccoughs today, but maybe just a couple thoughts about your round and then heading into the weekend.

FRANK NOBILO: Yeah, I mean, it was a frustrating day. I thought the course was so dramatically different this morning from yesterday afternoon. Obviously they were concerned with how firm the greens got yesterday afternoon. Personally I think the course will be perfect this afternoon because I think once a little bit of moisture comes out, the course will be very predictable. I just had trouble adjusting to the fact that the ball was just going to stop. And sort of had it worked out yesterday even though it was tricky, where if I had 170 to the flag, I hit a 7-iron because that goes 160 let the ball release. Today it was much harder visually, had to take the 6-iron and try to hit it at the flag because in the back of my mind, I kept thinking it might bounce. For me, I just struggled with it dealing with that all day. Nothing to do with the course. Course was fine. The ball was receptive, but I just couldn't make myself or let myself hit that shot. So consequently I struggled.

Q. You had a lot of long putts; stuff like that?

FRANK NOBILO: Yeah, it was very much a spasmodic round of golf where when I drove the ball well on those holes you would be, like you said -- you'd hit it 170 yards or 175 yards and yesterday taking the approach obviously going to hit 7-iron, hit the ball in the front portion; let the ball release; then after the first couple of holes, I knew that won't happen. But in the back of your mind you think, well, if you hit 6, it takes a hop over the green. So because of that, I'd lay off the 6-iron and just miss-hit it. So I mean, it was a lot of miss-strikes and then missed a few fairways. You get some of the bounces that everybody is going to get out there and I missed a couple of easy up-and-downs in the first 9, but I did struggle, which was the back 9. Then I had dug my heals in and played the last 10, 2-under so, I was happy with that. But I worked really hard to play those holes 2-under because I didn't really give myself very many chances.

Q. Overall though you must feel happy being in contention after two rounds?

FRANK NOBILO: Certainly. I just hope nobody does anything too stupid this afternoon because like I said, today's conditions this afternoon are going to be very similar to what they played yesterday morning. So I think the course will be more predictable; the ball will probably kick on about half a club. That is sort of the way you want the course to play because there is a lot of little mounds and hills, and it is very hard to fly the ball just up on top unless that is the way you are prepared. So if there is a little bit of bounce you can almost hit it in into the slope; it will just jump up where a lot of flags are. So consequently I think -- somebody quite likely to shoot 65, 66, certainly this afternoon, maybe even lower. Hopefully it won't be one of guys up at the top. But from my point of view, it is nice going into a weekend; at least not sort of putting the pins out in the morning and wiping the dew from the green.

Q. What turned it around for you; seemed like you struggled much of this year. Was it injury related?

FRANK NOBILO: We talked about that yesterday. I have been working hard. I have been feeling good the last month or so. And nothing changes over night and my results, while they haven't been too spectacular, have headed in the right direction over the last month. I am not over the hurdle yet. A few more tournaments like that and once your confidence comes back; then your game comes back. So it is a case of trying to get your game to come back, which helps pull some of your confidence to come back and then maybe something good happens and your confidence floods back and then up your game goes to another level.

LEE PATTERSON Anything else? Thank you.

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