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August 21, 1999

Ben Curtis


CRAIG SMITH: Mr. Ben Curtis, who sort of ran roughshod until today. Tell me what you're feeling? A little disappointment, as well as satisfaction at the same time.

BEN CURTIS: I'm a little disappointed, I didn't get off to a good start like I was hoping. I didn't play very well on the font. And started playing better on the back. I hit it better and made a few good putts. But, you know, what can you do? Sometimes it's not your day. And he played great, and I didn't play very well. And I tried my hardest, and unluckily, it didn't happen.

CRAIG SMITH: What was the difference, and where did you feel it slipping away?

BEN CURTIS: I think the difference was the putter at the beginning, because we both missed some greens. But he got up-and-down, made a few good putts to save par, and even bogey. He made a good 2-putt on 8, that was awesome. But I think it turned right around No. 11, when I had a short iron in my hand and I didn't hit it very close. I thought he was a little farther left than where it was, but I just didn't hit a very good shot there, and wished I hit it closer. On 12, I felt like I got a bad break, just because of the lie of the ball. There was so much grass behind the ball, I didn't know what to do. I should have stuck with my first instinct, hit it with a 3-wood, but hit it down 10 feet, and take my chances on making the putt. I got a little too cute and didn't do it. I think right in there it turned. And the putt on 13 I made was pretty good. The green there is pretty amazing. I hit a great putt, and it still went six, seven, eight feet by. It rolled down the hill. And that putt he made there was pretty good.

CRAIG SMITH: Were you more nervous today knowing you were playing for something special, like an invitation to The Masters, or other things that might come your way on another day?

BEN CURTIS: Yeah, I was nervous in the beginning. The first hole it showed. I calmed down after that. I tried not to think about it. I just said, hey, it's another match, like the first round you just want to go out there and play your best and try to win. I didn't really think about it there after the 1st hole. I just -- I got focused and I just started playing.

Q. Would you run through your round: The bogeys, birdies and one putt pars or doubles, whatever? What happened at the start?

BEN CURTIS: I just didn't play very well on the front. I made a double on 1.

Q. Did you hit it in the rough?

BEN CURTIS: Yeah, I hit a tree on my second shot, I pulled it a little bit and hit that tree and it dropped down, and I was unable to hit it on the green. 2, I just hit it in the bunker and had a fairly good lie, but I was standing up on the grass. And I was below my feet a little bit, and I hit it heavy. Then made good birdies on 3. Made like a 15-footer there. On 4, I didn't hit a very good wedge shot, but I knew his putt was pretty quick. And I was trying to hit it up there at the hole, or just short, and I knocked it a little further by than I wanted. And fortunately, he 3-putted and I was able to knock that 4-footer in. On 6, I just didn't play -- I played too much break on my first putt, my birdie putt. And that was the difference there. 7, I just made a routine 2-putt to win the hole. Then 8, I hit it in the rough and after I saw -- I was thinking about going for it if he hit the green, but my lie wasn't very good. So I decided to chip out when I saw he hit it in the bunker, and I was going to play for a par or bogey there. And on the third shot, I hit it soft, and just got away from me a little bit and didn't get up-and-down out of the bunker. On 9, I thought I hit a decent third shot. That green is so hard there. Might as well put some bricks down there on that one. It was really rough. He made a good par-putt there to win the hole. On 10, I just didn't hit it. I thought it would be fast. All week there I have hit it too hard from that part of the green, and it just didn't -- I just didn't hit it very hard. I was a little tentative on it. I let a couple slip away on 11 and 12. I felt there I could have gotten it back, but I didn't. He made a great putt on 13 for birdie. And that hole is one of the toughest 400-yard holes you'll ever play because of the green. You can't really hit a 3-wood there, because you'll be forced with a low iron in your hand there. I made a good save on 14. I just hit it a little too hard on the third shot. I didn't think I would hit it that far, but I hit it really good. And I made a great saving putt. And then the next hole, he hit an amazing third shot in there. When he first hit it, I thought it would be pretty good, but it kept carrying. And I thought it would be a little farther away, but he put some juice on it. And then on 16, that green has been soft. It was one of the softest greens out there, and I saw his ball hit and go left a little bit. I figured if I hit it to the right a little bit and let it come back a little bit -- I didn't think I'd make it come back that much. And he 3-putted there. And 17, he made a great birdie. What can you say? It's the hardest hole out there and you make 2. It's good playing.

Q. How close did you end up on 16?

BEN CURTIS: I was about ten feet, just below the hole.

Q. What does getting to the semis of the Amateur mean? You certainly would have liked to have gone to the finals, but it's a great compliment, you were asked yesterday, make you feel like you belong in the elite of the Amateurs?

BEN CURTIS: Yes, I feel like I belong there. I've known that all along, but, yes, it's given me a lot of confidence coming into today. Yeah, I think it will help me out in the future, just knowing that anytime I get in a tough situation that I can come away with a win or play really good. So I feel that will help me out in the future.

Q. Did your coach make it, Herb?

BEN CURTIS: Yeah, he did,, he made it. Got in late last night, two-hour nap and came up. I was glad to see him out here.

Q. What do you think about tomorrow's match? How do you think he'll fair tomorrow?

BEN CURTIS: I don't know much about Kim. I haven't seen him play all week, but I think David is hitting the ball really well right now. I don't think he missed one or two fairways out there. So he's hitting the driver well, and he's putting really well. A few times, I think he hit it a little harder than he wanted to, but the hole had gotten away. But that's what a good player does; they make the putts. So I think it will be a good match, just as far as what I hear. Kim is playing really well, and so is David. I hope it's a good match.

CRAIG SMITH: Evaluate your week for me: Good week? Put it in perspective for me. Is this the highlight of your golf career to this point?

BEN CURTIS: Yeah, to this point, but I had expectations for myself to do well. And to play like I did, it's a shame that I couldn't come out with a victory, but I gave it my best effort and I look forward to next year.

Q. When do you go back to school?

BEN CURTIS: We start, I believe, the 30th. We get a week off; so that will be a nice rest.

Q. Ben, what do you imagine the reception will be like when you get home and at school from friends and family after what you've accomplished this week?

BEN CURTIS: A lot of support. I heard a rumor yesterday. My mom called home, and people were calling off our home golf course to see how I was doing. They were calling into the clubhouse to see how I was doing. I've got great support back home, a great family. And the friends at school, they'll just tease me as always. They're like: "You're good." And I'm just going to go out there and keep playing and try to do my best.

Q. What classes are you taking this fall?

BEN CURTIS: I don't know. I had a little problems with a couple of classes, getting into some. But a couple of business courses, marketing, and then the other ones, I don't know. I don't know off the top of my head. I haven't really thought about it.

Q. You can't pull strings and get the courses you want, you're a big shot?

BEN CURTIS: No, it doesn't work.

Q. That's the course your grandfather owns?


Q. What's the name of the course?

BEN CURTIS: Mill Creek.

Q. Nobody from your school has gotten this far in the Amateur?

BEN CURTIS: Eric Frishette -- the first year Tiger won he went to the quarters, '94, Tiger put a little heat on him. But he's the furthest.

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