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August 23, 1996

Greg Norman


WES SEELEY: We have Greg Norman who started even and is 4-under through 8 today. You were playing the 9th?

GREG NORMAN: Yeah, drove it off 9, middle of the 9th fairway.

WES SEELEY: Go through those four birdies.

GREG NORMAN: First hole 3-wood, 7-iron to about six feet. Second hole driver, 3-wood 2-putted from 25 feet. 5 hit a 6-iron to about four feet. 6, hit driver 5-iron to about 18 feet.

WES SEELEY: With that said, questions.

Q. Conditions compared to yesterday.

GREG NORMAN: Totally different. Yet the golf course played very fast, very firm. There were shots we couldn't -- Freddie and I couldn't keep them on the green with 9-irons yesterday on the back 9. Obviously, today with the rain, now we are backing it up; we can shoot to the top of the flag stick. The fairways are soft, so you can -- they seem like they are a lot wider because they are softer, but these fairways got a lot of undulations in them in certain places if you don't shape the ball right when they were firm, it's pretty hard to keep them on the fairway, so it made the golf course that much easier if you hit the ball in play all the time.

Q. Is it frustrating to be on a roll like that and have to stop at this point?

GREG NORMAN: No, not really. I mean, I will come out tomorrow and hit in the middle of 9th green and make A birdie and keep going. In an event like this where it is a small field, everybody is getting the same medicine, so you just go on with it. In a four field event, sometimes the guys early in the morning might get away with it, so, no, it is the same. You don't feel like -- I don't think I am going to lose any momentum.

Q. Kind of a chicken and egg question. Did the birdie give you the umpf (ph) into the rest of the round, or did you come out refreshed, charged up, after the layoff and go from there?

GREG NORMAN: Well, I couldn't say I came out charged and refreshed after sitting on my butt for two and a half, three hours, but it was a matter of, you know, when I came out, I started hitting the ball solid on the range like I did yesterday, and I hit a good drive 3-wood down the first hole. Obviously you like to get off to a good start around Firestone, and that is exactly what I did.

Q. Should we expect the scores to be lower now for the rest of the tournament?

GREG NORMAN: Well, all depends if there are any winds with this front, once the front has gone through. If the wind blows, might change it a little bit, but if it doesn't blow, I think the guys will be starting to shoot pretty low around here.

Q. How is your back? Is it affected in this kind of weather?

GREG NORMAN: No, it is hot and humid. It is okay.

Q. Any sort of -- anything you have to go through to keep your mind fresh during the long break like that?

GREG NORMAN: No, not really. We just sit out there and we chat and with a bunch of guys and move around and not much you can do, really just got to wait and kill time. You watch TV. You read newspaper from cover to cover. That is about all really.

WES SEELEY: Anything else, folks?

Q. What were you doing better today other than the course being easier?

GREG NORMAN: Well, I made a couple of putts, which I haven't been doing the last few months. That is all it is.

WES SEELEY: Hearing none.

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