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August 18, 1995

Pete Sampras


GREG SHARKO: This is Pete's 10th ATP semifinal of the year and he goes into the semis tomorrow against Karbacher. He is 1 and 0 lifetime and thus far in the tournament he has yet to be broken in the tournament. All right, questions.

Q. Your serve has been pretty much unchallenged three matches?

PETE SAMPRAS: Yeah, the serve is definitely -- it is definitely there, you know, it is definitely at its best and, you know, playing someone that returns as well as Andrei, you really need to pick your corners well. I was hitting my second serve with a lot of pace, and, you know, this is my best match so far in the summer, and to beat Andrei 2 and 2 like I said pretty good effort.

Q. You even seemed to me, you are winning shots -- you even kind of looked up and says hey, did that -- you hit two winners, but your last one was a great shot?

PETE SAMPRAS: The matchpoint? Yeah, example of how the match went for me. I was really on every aspect of my game, I thought I played as well as I could. I rushed well. You know, I wish every match would go this smoothly. Unfortunately it doesn't, but, you know, my whole game kind of just revolves around my serve. If I am serving well and holding my serve pretty easy, that kind of lets the rest of my game just follow in its foot steps, and so this is the best I have played so far in this tournament.

Q. Talk about even though as well as you have been playing you haven't yet played in the heat of the day; you kind of dodged that, you are on at noon tomorrow. If it is hot, are you seeing the same things in practice?

PETE SAMPRAS: I have been practicing 12 o'clock each day. It is the same for both guys and the heat wasn't quite -- if it didn't rain, it would have been pretty warm. Tomorrow will be a good test playing someone like Karbacher who seems like he handles the heat pretty well; obviously playing pretty well. So tomorrow will be a good test for me.

Q. How would you describe Karbacher's game?

PETE SAMPRAS: Big. I mean, he has got a big thumper of a serve. Got huge groundies. He just goes for it, and that is what makes him real dangerous, you know, he has got a good backhand; does everything pretty well. The match will be pretty similar to the match I just played with Andrei. He will be staying back most of the time, but he will come in on certain shots, but I played him three or four months ago at the Lipton and beat him in straight sets, but I am sure tomorrow he will be ready for me.

Q. Did you feel something funny in your right leg earlier in the second set? Did it bother you? Seemed to me that --

PETE SAMPRAS: No, not really. No, you know, just hard courts are little bit tough on the bones.

Q. Can you talk about throughout last year when you had the foot problems, you usually played a little bit heavier hard court schedule maybe leading into the Open. Can you talk about the way you are pacing yourself this year?

PETE SAMPRAS: I have usually over the past 5-6 years, I either play three or four events and this year, because my trouble last year, I decided to play 3 tournaments, Montreal, Cincy and Indy which is a perfect schedule. I had two weeks off after Wimbledon. I have had plenty of matches, so I am definitely match-ready for the U.S. Open. It certainly would be nice to go in there with a win from Indy. This hard court schedule, you want to play a lot, but you don't want to play too much where you really burn yourself out.

GREG SHARKO: Anything else for Pete? All right.

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