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September 7, 1993

Wally Masur


Q. Congratulations.

WALLY MASUR: Thank you.

Q. You ever come back from anything like that before?

WALLY MASUR: I just can't believe it. I cannot believe that I won that match. I mean, it was just ridiculous. I was gone. He got a little tight I didn't miss a ball for about six games. Just didn't miss a ball.

Q. It was after that call that you disputed that?

WALLY MASUR: It was only two feet wide. First point he served for it. It is a huge point, and it just pissed me off. I had just got into it from there on.

Q. What were you thinking at 5-Love down?

WALLY MASUR: I get one game; maybe I'll serve it out. I thought I lost. So I resigned to losing. I hadn't been home for four months, I was planning on what I was going to do at home; who I had to call and what I had to do. Then I just got that call and it just, I mean, I am always trying to stay in it. But I just got that call; from that moment on, I was just so into it. It was a joke.

Q. You won 16 points in a row?

WALLY MASUR: Yeah, he gave it to me a little. He tightened up. He definitely tightened up a little bit. Like I said, I didn't miss a ball for just so long. I hadn't miss a shot.

Q. Did you realize that you had won 16 points in a row?

WALLY MASUR: I knew I won 12 in a row.

Q. 12?

WALLY MASUR: Yeah. I am not much for statistics.

Q. How did he turn it around from two sets to love down?

WALLY MASUR: He served unbelievably well for two sets. He was serving so pinpoint; he didn't serve one ball at my body for two sets. Every ball was angled away from the forehand or right angled away from the backhand; it was just incredible. I was just thinking I was looking at the radar he was serving second serves at 119 miles an hour. He wasn't serving too many of them. He was serving a lot of first serves. I was thinking, if a guy just does that to you, it is too good. But sure enough it had to happen, I have five sets -- that is why five sets are so great, it had to happen. He had to miss a few serves and he had to start playing some volleys. It was just inevitable. Sure enough, his second serve starting getting down to 75. That is a huge difference. That is 20 miles an hour. All of a sudden I am getting hit at the ball -- my passing shot, I got so much more time. And I knew I wasn't going to get blown away. I knew it was going to be straight. I knew I could get him a little bit. He dropped off a little bit in the fourth. He dropped right off and I lost-- then I lost a little concentration and squeaked out the 4th. He jumped; he got really intense early in the fifth. Like I said he just got a little tired and I just made a lot of balls in a row. It was incredible. I didn't think I will let it happen to me ever again, I am too old.

Q. Nice way to be in the quarterfinals, Wally?

WALLY MASUR: Just unbelievable. I have played good tennis all week. I played well again tonight. For me that is good tennis, and so satisfying. I have never done well. It is just so satisfying.

Q. Has it hit you yet that you are in the semis?

WALLY MASUR: I cannot believe that I won that match. It is ridiculous.

Q. Who would you rather meet in the quarterfinals?

WALLY MASUR: Well, obviously Hlasek. Given that although, I have had a lot of trouble playing him in the past, I think he is a good player, but I just think Becker's best is always better than Hlasek's best.

Q. At one point when you were arguing after you broke in the 7th game of the final set, it looked like you picked something up from the judge's stand and threw it in the crowd.

WALLY MASUR: Yeah, there was something there.

Q. Sunglasses?

WALLY MASUR: Something that was attached to the seat, but it is not attached now. It was an electrical device.

Q. Why were you upset?

WALLY MASUR: I could got a bad call, Bud. Just long time out there to get a bad call on a big point.

Q. Wally, I guess experience pays off in the end, obviously, a guy that is playing for the first time here, did you feel that that --

WALLY MASUR: I tell you that I played him two weeks ago in Indianapolis. He had me 6-1, 4-Love. I got back to 5-4 and I had 6 breakpoints at 5-4 to level it 5-All. I knew if I won that point to make it 5-All in Indianapolis, I knew I was right back in it. I was probably on top, if anything. In a way, that match helped me today, because I knew that he won comfortable putting me away. That was in the back of my mind too.

Q. 6-1, 4-Love; did you say?


Q. You suspect it was in his mind too, that match?

WALLY MASUR: I suspect that he is only 23 years old. This is his first chance at a quarter final of a Grand Slam tournament. I just suspect that he was 2 sets to love; he still had a long way away; then he is 2 sets to Love; all of a sudden 5-Love; he is right there. I know I have done it in the past, you don't give one moment's thought; then you-- then it enters your head and then you can't let go. You just get it out of your head, that the expectation, and I suspect that is what happened a little bit. Like I say, I just made a lot of balls in a row. It was incredible.

Q. Did you saying anything to each other afterwards?

WALLY MASUR: I was in a daze. I don't remember. I was an obnoxious winner today, anyway.

Q. What was the score when you got the bad call?

WALLY MASUR: He was serving for the match at 5-1. He was Love-all; he had hit a smash wide, real wide, and it was- -

Q. It was 5-1 and what all?

WALLY MASUR: Love-All. Love-All.

Q. Do you recall the match point?


Q. Apparently I didn't get that-- apparently he had open court; hit a forehand into the net.

WALLY MASUR: Oh, yeah, whatever. I don't remember.

Q. You made a backhand --


End of FastScripts....

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