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September 3, 1993

Ginger Helgeson


Q. When you get that close, how disappointing is it? How do you feel right now?

GINGER HELGESON: I am pretty disappointed, but I had a good time out there, and I played a great match and that was my first time playing her and it was also my first time on a show court of that magnitude. And it is disappointing because I know I could have beaten her, but that is the way it goes, and I enjoyed it so it is not all bad.

Q. Do you think she did anything at the end special or do you think you let up at all in the last game?

GINGER HELGESON: Well, I was having trouble with my serve because it was so windy out. Basically, you -- basically had to hit a slice serve all the time otherwise your toss would be at the service -- I had to throw my toss lower and just slice it because it was just windy. It was just going everywhere. So I think that you know, hindered -- hindered my serve because I usually serve harder and bigger. I was struggling with that and couple of those games, you know, in the third set I came out and I had a doublefault to start off with, and that happened quite a bit. It was just -- it was tough adjusting to the wind, but other than that, I mean, it just came down to a few points here and there.

Q. For so long we have heard about on her plus side the topspin and on her bad side a weak second serve. If you have never played her does her game live up to that billing?

GINGER HELGESON: Yeah, I mean, my game plan when I went out there was to attack her second serve and the first set it was sitting a lot and then she started to slice it a lot more and it wasn't -- it was, you know, taking off a little bit. So it wasn't as easy to tag and come in. With the wind with her topspin a lot, the balls were landing shorter but they were still up here, so you know, it -- I guess during some points it is a negative and during others in the wind it is a positive because it gets away from players. It is tough to hit a winner from up here (Indicating).

Q. Thank you.

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