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August 31, 1993

Natalia Bandone


Q. With all the attention about Mary Pierce, how did you feel about playing her?

NATALIA BAUDONE: I didn't think about it. It didn't bother me at all.

Q. Did you feel the crowd pulling with her as she made her comeback, and did that help her make her come back?

NATALIA BAUDONE: I did feel the crowd starting, going-- the support of the crowd, but -- and it helped a lot, but she entered the match very, very concentrated, very, very determined to play her own match and so it did help, but it wasn't the main thing.

Q. Did you sense that Mary was having trouble psychologically closing -- could you feel that Mary was having problems of her own psychologically?

NATALIA BAUDONE: I did feel that Mary had some psychological setbacks during the game, but the match itself would have not changed whether she had them or not. Mary was really into her game. She was playing her tennis. I think this whole media hype and this whole psychological pressure on Mary is exaggerated and should very well be cooled down.

Q. Thank you very much.

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