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February 25, 2004

Fred Couples


Q. Just make a couple comments on your match today.

FRED COUPLES: Actually, I won fairly easily, but he hit the ball as well or better than I did. I just made a couple putts. I started out birdieing a hole and then he made a birdie and we went back and forth with good play.

And then I birdied four out of five holes to go 4 up. On two of the holes he was closer and I made putts, which it looked like I might lose the hole and ended up winning the hole. It was nothing like the score looked, but we played very well. I think it might have been -- I wish I could have saved a few birdies. I might have been 4-under, something like that.

Q. Where did you start the four birdies?

FRED COUPLES: I birdied No. 8 to get 2 up and then he hit it five feet on 9, and then I birdied 1, 2 -- actually, I birdied 10, 11, 13, so three birdies, so I had five birdies and a bogey. So that put me 4 up. Then he won a hole and then we tied the last couple to close it out.

Q. You haven't been here in years.

FRED COUPLES: Right, what do I do now? Do I play somebody next? It looks like Davis, which will be a blast.

Q. Davis is 1 up going into 18.

Is that extra tough or extra fun playing somebody like that?

FRED COUPLES: We've played several times, not in a while, where I tried to beat him in a tournament. No, I think it's all a match. I went to college, played against Bob. Have been out here 20-something years and know him fairly well. It's an easy match. I'd rather play Davis than somebody I don't know. Davis is a great, great player, so surely I have my work cut out for me to hang in there.

Q. It's probably about as comfortable of a day as --

FRED COUPLES: Well, I don't know. The comfort part is I think -- if you're playing the U.S. Open on the last day and you're playing with Davis, that helps a little bit, but in this thing, every day is a match and I don't think you feel any more comfort playing a guy that you know, but it would be fun.

Q. When was the last time you played with Davis? The final round of The Players Championship?

FRED COUPLES: Last year, probably, yeah.

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