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November 1, 2005

Vijay Singh


Q. You know this course as well as anybody. What's the condition of it this year?

VIJAY SINGH: It's pretty good. The greens are a little different. I think they've got more Bermuda on it than in previous years. It's a lot softer than I've played it before, and the rough is high, but you can get very lucky with the rough, as well. You know, I think this year if the wind doesn't blow, the scoring is going to be a lot lower than in previous years.

Q. When you won here, what did you do the best? I guess what would you say the key to your victory was?

VIJAY SINGH: You've got to get the whole game over here. This is a golf course where you've got to do everything good, drive the ball straight, hit a lot of greens, be on the correct side of the greens and putt well. I think that I did most of the things pretty good the year I won.

Q. This tournament is obviously important for many reasons, but is it more important for you given your golf the last couple weeks?

VIJAY SINGH: What happened the last couple weeks?

Q. Do we need to remind you?

VIJAY SINGH: I've played good golf. I just didn't play good enough all four days. I'm not disappointed with the way I played, I was just disappointed with the way I scored. I went back home and analyzed my golf game, and it all came down to missing a few putts here and there. Last week if I had made the cut, I probably would have gone ahead and won it.

I'm playing well. I'm not playing badly at all, I just need to score well. It may happen this week.

Q. So that surprised you as much as it surprised us, missing those two cuts?

VIJAY SINGH: I think so. The first week I was slightly injured when I played at Disney. Last week I thought I played quite well. Those greens, if you I had a lot of chances to make it and I had a lot of opportunities to make the cut, and the last few holes the putts just wouldn't go in. But yeah, I was surprised. I'm glad it's over (laughter).

Q. We may hear a little bit of a schedule change tomorrow. I guess where do you stand on that or how do you feel about the schedule now and do you think there's some positive things that would could come out of an adjustment?

VIJAY SINGH: I think whatever the Tour is doing, I think they're doing it for the better of golf. They were looking for a finale, to have the support in America at the finale. We don't. When the majors finish, we do have one or two big events, but football takes over the TV, and I think we just are in the background.

This is going to bring the whole game of golf to a different level. All the top guys are going to be there towards the end of the year. I think this is going to do very well for the spectators and for the Tour itself.

Q. Are you still using the same putter you used at Buick or did you change, the one you won with?

VIJAY SINGH: I've had so many of these, I don't know which one it was. The one I'm using this week is going to be the one.

Q. You said the scoring could be lower this year. Which holes do you think are you're going to particularly attack?

VIJAY SINGH: The ones I hit the fairway (laughing). I think most of the holes, they're not really the holes like 5, they moved the tee back, but that's the longest par 4 in the game of golf right now by some 20 yards. You've got to be careful over there. But most of the holes, they're playing the same. If you hit the fairways, the greens are receptive and you're hitting middle irons and short irons into the greens. And the par 5s, 15 is a good chance for birdie, and 9 is probably better right now because you have a chance to hit the top part of the green. I don't think anyone is going to hit it on the bottom.

There's a lot of holes out there, if you hit the fairways, you can attack them.

Q. Are you getting any more roll out there because it's kind of dry compared to some of the years past?

VIJAY SINGH: Yes and no. Zoysia grass doesn't run very much. It's kind of spongy.

You have to pick your spots.

End of FastScripts.

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