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March 12, 2004

Fred Couples


Q. Did anyone say to him (Greg Norman) on the tee that you can't hit a provisional?

FRED COUPLES: No. I didn't really hear what he said. You know, I don't know the rules that well. We kind of well, we, he hit it pretty quickly. I thought there was a guy on the corner waving. He wasn't waving like they normally do, like "this way," because it wasn't out in the fairway. But it was in a bunker, and as it turned out, in a trap; he probably only had pitching wedge to the green.

As they say, those things happen quickly. I think when he hit, again, he ended up telling Roger that he had claimed it was for a he was hitting a provisional for a hazard, and obviously we all know now that you can't do that. If he just said, "I'm hitting for a lost ball," he would have been fine. Again, I don't know if his ball, the second drive he piped. I don't know if his ball what one he would have played in that instance. I have no idea.

But anyway, it was unfortunate because he was actually he wasn't making any putts, but he was hitting the ball solid. The drive he hit there in the wind was pushed, but it ended up being fine. I think there's no one to blame. It would have been better if he had not hit another one and maybe it would have been better if the guy would have ran out and really waved it in, but I'm certainly not picking on a marshal at all. I'm just saying that neither of those happened and he hit and I learned another rule.

Q. Did you get any indication from Greg that he didn't want to finish the round?

FRED COUPLES: Well, you know, there again, I didn't know if he was disqualified or it was a two shot penalty or what. I think he ended up I don't know. He left, we said good bye and I never asked. You know, I've got my own stuff to go on. And you talked to Roger and an official. I don't know if he played the wrong ball or had two strokes and made bogey there and that putt him 3 over or what. I honestly don't know. He didn't it happened so quickly that he came up and said, "See you guys later, I'll see you at TPC," and we said all right.

Q. That was on 13 green or 14 tee?

FRED COUPLES: In between.

Q. Did he play 13 after he hit his second shot? Where did he play through, had he hit his second shot?

FRED COUPLES: No. He played the hole. He hit it up on the green and ended up really quick 3 putting. Then an official came up and then they talked about it. There again, when he stopped playing, I didn't know if he was disqualified or what.

Q. Could have gone back and played his 6 out of the fairway is what Slugger said.

FRED COUPLES: Is that right?

Q. That's what Slugger said.

FRED COUPLES: So he couldn't play the ball he hit?

Q. No.

FRED COUPLES: See we thought

Q. The provisional is in play once he hits it?

FRED COUPLES: There you go. I have no idea. So what would he have been hitting in the fairway.

Q. 6.

FRED COUPLES: Well, there would be no reason to, unless he really, really liked us I'm not saying that in a smart alec. I'm saying I think would I have done the same. Bye, see you later. Because he was playing well. You know what he hadn't been playing much and he was playing well. I'm sure he didn't want that to happen, you know. And the funny thing is, his ball was on hard sand, an easy shot. He hit a very, very good shot. The reason he probably 3 putted was, you know, because of what happened. Had nothing to do with him, because had he not had any penalty he would never have 3 putted.

Q. Where was the second drive?

FRED COUPLES: Right down the middle.

End of FastScripts.

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