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November 18, 2005

Niclas Fasth

Henrik Stenson


JOAN vT ALEXANDER: We'd like to welcome the Sweden Team here into the media center. Great day out there and in good position going into the weekend. Just talk about what you did well this afternoon.

HENRIK STENSON: I think we just kept the ball in play and made a few putts. We didn't play that fantastic but just kept it fairly simple, kept it in play and give ourselves a couple of chances.

Yeah, shot a good score, and it was a good finish, then with Niclas making the birdie putt on the last, which is a tough finishing hole, and that's where it's going to be decided on Sunday I guess, 17, 18.

Q. How much tougher was it today, the conditions? The wind was getting up more.

HENRIK STENSON: It's a bit gusty. Yeah, a few of the holes played a lot tougher today and obviously playing foursomes is much harder than playing better ball.

It's a bit more tricky but we still managed. I think we've got some bad weather heading our way judging by the tee times tomorrow, I might be able to answer that tomorrow if it was even tougher.

Q. Was it obvious for you to choose who would play the odd and even holes?

HENRIK STENSON: No, not really.

NICLAS FASTH: No, it wasn't obvious but we thought we might get a little bit more out of Henrik's extra length off the tee and I guess Henrik should have had a few extra birdie putts and he was putting fantastic yesterday. So that was about it. But it was no huge difference, actually.

Q. Some teams said yesterday that changing to foursomes today, that would mean that probably today the best teams would be in the leaderboard. Looking back, do you think that happened?

NICLAS FASTH: Well, who knows. You see a lot of good teams up at the top; so, yes then. But most teams here are good and you can never quite predict from just two rounds of play. But foursomes is a lot harder and the wind was slightly tougher today and it all adds up so that would spread out the scores quite a lot. That's what happened.

Q. Would you say the conditions suits your game better than anything else, so if it gets wet and windy, will that help you compared to the rest of the field?

HENRIK STENSON: It's hard to say if it's going to help us or not. I know that we're both going to try our hardest and if the conditions gets really tough, we're going to we are not going to fall back because we are not trying.

It might suit us, but still, I wouldn't I would prefer to play in decent conditions compared to gale and heavy showers.

NICLAS FASTH: It will be a more fair result with reasonable weather. I don't know how bad it's going to get but I guess we don't mind tough weather, but the results would be more predictable and fair, if it was somewhat reasonable.

Q. What do you think of the Argentine performance today?

NICLAS FASTH: Quite unbelievable. I guess this tournament has never seen a foursomes like that before, so it is outstanding. You don't just make 11 under par even in the best ball and four ball. It takes some doing. Obviously you get on a roll and get momentum, it's okay to play foursomes, but it's outstanding, really.

Q. With these low scores, do you think the course is too easy for a competition like this?

NICLAS FASTH: No, you look at the players that are here, you go out and try to play and see what score you shoot. It's not an easy course. Right now, the ball is running on the fairways, because they are still rather firm. So we can get an extra 20 yards off of a good drive, and the ball is holding on the green. If you hit a good 5 iron, the ball will stop but we're making good shots to do it. You have the chance on most holes to make birdie, which is not always the case if the greens are firm.

Q. What would a win mean for you?

HENRIK STENSON: That would be the end of a fantastic season for me and it would be the icing on the cake. I've had some really good finishes this year and I haven't had a win. So, of course, it would be a nice end of the season.

Q. Is this your last competition?

HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, this is my last tournament this year. So I'd better take the opportunity.

Q. How big do you think this event is in Sweden? Do people care about the national team playing?

NICLAS FASTH: Yeah, they really do. The interest in golf in Sweden is big, always, every tournament. They certainly care about this one. When Sweden won it in the past, 14 years ago, whatever, it was huge. The following of golf hasn't become smaller since. No, it's a big thing and people do follow it, yeah.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Thank you for joining us.

End of FastScripts.

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