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March 12, 2006

Billy Mayfair


BILLY MAYFAIR: I just messed up on the two par 5s where I was 20 yards from the green and made 6. You know, there's four shots right there and it's all different.

But, you know, I had a great week, I hit a lot golf shots coming down the stretch, made a lot of putts coming down the stretch which I have not been able to do the last couple of years to win. It gives me a lot of confidence and now I have a week off and I'll go to THE PLAYERS Championship.

Q. Can you talk about 12; unfair breaks?

BILLY MAYFAIR: No, they weren't. The chip shot I hit on 6 across the green, that was just hit too hard. As soon as I hit it I knew it was over. Even the putt I hit off the green, didn't get up on the green and came back. On 12, I looked at it and said, you know, you could knock this 15 feet by and still be fine. I couldn't do it. So I have no one to blame but myself.

The worst part about it was I hit two good shots on both par 5s to get it 10, 20 yards from the green and, in fact, on 12 I was just short of pin high, and walking away with two 6s is obviously very disappointing.

Q. Can you talk about Luke's play today?

BILLY MAYFAIR: Well, Luke played solid. He did exactly what he had to do. He went out and he kept it together on the front side when the wind was really blowing, and I think we were both kind of kind of spilling oil there towards 10. He missed a little putt there on 10 and we were both kind of spilling oil. Boy, he came right back and birdied 13 and 14. Obviously hit a great shot here on 18 and it's great to see him win. He did what he had to do today to win.

Q. Can you talk about how he had putting struggles there for a while and then to come back and rebound from that?

BILLY MAYFAIR: Well, we're all going to have putting struggles. These greens are hard and fast and the holes he hit a good putt on 10 and it hit the center of the hole and lipped out. Two hours before that, that ball is right in the heart of the hole. It's just one of those things. He played great coming down the stretch and did what he had to do.

Q. Do you think your finish this week is a signal of a resurgence in your game?

BILLY MAYFAIR: Well, I think I had a resurgence last year to be honest with you, finishing 22nd on the Money List after finishing 40th the year before. Obviously now this gets me, I don't know, safe for next year, but gives me some confidence and Ryder Cup points and we'll go from there.

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